Celine Triomphe Box Bag by Hedi Slimane

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  1. I know a few of you Phoebe Philo fans are going to hate me for starting this thread, but for some reason I’m really falling in love with the new Celine Triomphe Bag.

    I didn’t really like it at first but for some reason it has really grown on me. I loved the red one when I saw it in store.

    How does everyone feel about this design? I think it’s my favourite from the new collection.

    I thought I’d start a thread for anyone who wants to share their thoughts or purchases here. :smile::flowers:
    DBB88191-0A29-44C1-A623-01206C7218BA.jpeg 5BBD817E-5E30-489B-BDC5-BAB5360850B5.jpeg
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  2. Go for it if you like it. IMO the logo is a little too huge and too shiny.
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  3. I don’t think that anyone will hate you for starting this thread.
    Surely we are disappointed in the new direction the brand is going in, but obviously people are allowed to feel differently.
    Hate is a very strong word to throw around.

    As for the bag, I’m not loving the look of the bag, but it does have potential.
    If they made the gold less shiny it would read a bit more classic and chic.
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  4. I really like this bag- and Celine isn't a brand I have strong feelings on. I think in a strong red or black this bag will definitely make a statement.
  5. Yes totally agree I’ve never been a fan of shiny hardware on any designer bag. I’m going to wait a couple of months to see if I actually like this bag or if I like it because “it’s shiny and new”. With my Celine luggage and Nano bags etc I was very late to the game but i knew I purchased because I really loved them :smile:

    Thank you. :smile: I’m going to wait a while, I don’t like jumping into purchases without proper reviews from others i.e quality issues. I do like the red and black but I wish the hardware was more brushed gold, brassy and vintage looking. :smile:
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  6. The colours available currently for the Triomphe Bag in calfskin.
    CB1A622E-6936-4739-AD71-1B6B689DE9E2.jpeg A22692FF-ADA6-4E40-87ED-FFFEADAA45B3.jpeg
  7. Just sharing some photos I found on Instagram. This instagrammer lisalee_ins wears the red Triomphe bag.
    350EA283-3CD8-4334-967C-1E252651B444.jpeg 4795F3AB-1701-44CA-AB4B-9E65B36A68BF.jpeg
  8. Pictures of the Triomphe Bag in white.
    DE98D7EC-FCC3-4F56-B6D4-57C3CA102CCD.jpeg 38FC647C-1BCF-43E3-BFE2-A6790A580CEC.jpeg D5A8E93F-A213-4E14-B022-B77A48444386.jpeg C0CD4CD7-2292-4806-8130-6A76E277E4AC.jpeg
  9. Photos from Bagaholicboy Instagram
    4BFC7AA8-8323-4180-986B-6F699851D782.jpeg 1BBD30EF-F8C6-4C0E-8A8B-35F510CDB783.jpeg
  10. Instagrammer Nalinalibag trying on the white and black Celine Triomphe bags.
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    Celebrity Jung Ryeo-Won wearing a black Celine Triomphe Bag.
  12. Jung Ryeo-Won carrying her black Celine Triomphe Bag
  13. Picture of the Celine Triomphe Bag in Red, Light Burgundy and Black.
  14. Saem_71 wearing the Triomphe Bag in White.
    EC83875B-B60A-4258-A3C8-290BF39529D3.jpeg 7E30BD7D-6B73-491D-B876-D2DCC03B588F.jpeg 7E6010D9-E48A-4260-87F5-4BE6A0809E8C.jpeg 83AEB122-2609-45CF-AF36-05440725BA54.jpeg