Celine Triomphe Box Bag by Hedi Slimane

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  1. This is true
  2. A pic of someone wearing the Burgundy Celine Triomphe Bag.
    96C53E3A-9A4F-4082-A1DA-9911338121C9.jpeg 487B288E-F5A9-4588-9730-2C5851B925FA.jpeg
  3. Shots from the Celine runway
    28111800-B2E2-4246-B3D6-C529970DB60C.jpeg 09BCABE2-B2C3-4D2A-A3A6-928E8EE1D9B2.jpeg
  4. Triomphe Bag in amazone green
    BF09AAD9-16B0-448A-A8B6-1ECF368FA336.jpeg 839FC096-3E80-4EC9-B305-B225DD1828A3.jpeg
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  5. The shiny clasp looks like cheap plastic. Maybe it just looks that way because it‘s so extremely shiny.. I think the bag would look a lot nicer if the clasp wasn‘t that shiny gold
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  6. Oh my you are obsessed. Buy it.
  7. Celine bags have been popular in Japan since the 1970s. Even looking at vintage Celine bags for sale, a disproportionate amount seem to be from Japan.

    Hedi has been popular in Japan since his Dior Homme (early 2000s) days. Rock music is very popular in Japan and Hedi’s collections are based in rock music. He has a large following in menswear that has stayed with him since then in Japan, and now they are following him to Celine.

    I think those two things together explain why there is more interest there. In the US at least, oversized hip-hop influenced streetwear/athleisure with sneakers is the trend, not rock skinny jeans and boots. Also Celine seems kind of a niche brand in the US except for the Luggage bag which was everywhere a while ago. Celine is not as widely sold in the US as other brands like LV or Chanel.
  8. Haha no I’m not obsessed I’m just sharing pictures as a reference thread for others that might be interested later down the track. I think I might go for the classic small box if I can still find it with the old logo.
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  9. One of my favorite things about the box bag is it’s beautiful soft interior leather and all of the carefualy executed details of the the different sections inside.

    The Triomphe appears to only have one big compartment - great for ease of use but it may take away the luxury for me.
  10. the bag doesn't look bad! I can't wait to see it in person. Wonder if the stores will still carry the Box bag so you can do a side-by-side comparison.
  11. I tried on both the Triomphe and Box bag today.

    I like the look of the satin calfskin on the Triomphe, very sleek and less likely to scratch. The Clasp wasn’t too shiny. I however don’t like how the straps are connected to the sides of the bag, looks very flimsy and basic. It’s a nice bag but I don’t think it warrants the price tag.

    The box bag does still look extremely elegant and expensive in comparison. Just has that understated beauty and the leather looks so superior in quality, it looks more natural and less processed.
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  12. come back to Phoebe! :nuts:
  13. Sorry it was a weak moment but I’m back :biggrin: I haven’t bought any of the Hedi Slimane pieces so technically I never left :biggrin:
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  14. I don’t mind the clasp, would need to see it in person, but I like the shine and the vintage feel.
    What doesn’t look good to me is the leather. It is all very well to call it satin finish, but to me it looks like layers and layers of lacquer, i.e. plastic, so that it doesn’t scratch but then you can’t even feel the leather underneath. Looks cheap but alas, it is the way many brands are going, what with “influencers” weirdly equalling “scratch resistant” with quality...
    And the strap, yes, it is identical to the vintage models but there is where some improvement our innovation could have been good, it looks very banal.
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