Celine Triomphe Box Bag by Hedi Slimane

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  1. why not the classic box? :P
  2. Reminds me a lot of the Hermes Constance, on which the branding is also big and shiny
  3. I love the white!
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  4. I hate you!!!!:cursing::mad:
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  5. I absolutely love the original classic box but it just does not suit me for some reason. It makes me look so mature and conservative. I don’t know but I just can’t pull it off. That’s the reason I haven’t bought one all these years. The small size looks nice and I might still get one.

    For some reason the new clasp on the Triomphe design seems to suit me more.
  6. I like the Triomphe! And if I could afford one right now I would probably get one. Thank you for sharing all the pictures.
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  7. lol
  8. Beautiful bag and I hope you enjoy every minute of wearing it. Tried it on in store recently and loved it. Merry Christmas
  9. i tried it on too.... and still prefer the classic.
  10. Whoops, apologies, didn't mean to include wheihk's quote in my reply.
  11. I don't mind the clasp, i actual think the clasp has its pretty vintage charm. What i don't like is the strap which makes it looks less classy. This is the only bag that I would consider buying from Hedi collection but I own the classic box already so I think I'll pass :smile:
  12. Pictures of the Celine Triomphe from Dazed Korea Magazine
    CD701704-3615-4625-901F-EEF3D0C0F7E0.jpeg D74098C9-EC28-490C-A538-B6D04F662E32.jpeg
  13. I wonder why the bag is so much more popular in Asia than in Western countries?

    Not only because a lot of the girls in the thread seems to be Asian, but I also remember reading somewhere (on here probably) that most Slimane bags sold are sold on the Asian market.
  14. It might just come down to different cultures being attracted to different looks.
    I’m from Copenhagen and I we definitely prefer sleek and understated here, which might also be one of the the reasons why I’m not really liking any of the new stuff.

    Also, it seems like the are really aiming for that market, with all the Asian influencers getting bags to promote.
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  15. IMO it's the only nice new bag from Celine right now. The way things are going with Gucci and BV I may join you
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