Celine luggage in color Kohl

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  1. Hi ladies, does anyone own a Celine luggage in color Kohl ? How has the color worn over time and is it a color that you need to worry about color transfer happening? Any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. I don’t have the luggage in kohl but my box bag is kohl smooth leather and my cabas is kohl in grained leather and neither of them show any colour transfer and I always wear dark denim. The box has no wear relating to the colour only scratches I caused by dropping it onto gravel but even so it still looks good. It’s an incredibly versatile all seasons colour.
  3. Thanks for your advise. Do you happen to have pictures of your bags on the forum? Would love to see them
  4. I do indeed . If you look through the what bag are you wearing today and in the Céline threads you will find them. I’ll have a look and see if I still have any of the pics on my phone and post them below.
  5. IMG_1515957951.131311.jpg

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  6. And here’s a pic of the two together so you can see how the colour looks in the two different leathers

  7. Wow your bags are gorgeous!! I love the color . Thanks so much for posting this was extremely helpful.
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  8. Thank you and you’re very welcome. Hope you get your luggage bag, it’s such a fantastic bag and would be stunning in kohl
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  9. You did this to make me super jealous:nuts::P right:giggle: babe?!!! STUNNERS:coolio::hbeat::loveeyes::love:...both of them!!
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  10. By the way how are you liking the cabas tote? I’ve never seen it in person, but from your picture it looks like a stunning bag.
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  11. :roflmfao: Kendie you are too funny, as if you would be jealous of my bags when you have yours :giggle: :nuts:
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  12. I really like it, so much so that I bought the kohl after the indigo

    It’s a great bag, easy to wear and spacious. I initially used to only use it when carrying a lot but now I use it with just my basics. I can then add a jumper, scarf, gloves or even a light jacket. The leather is so durable, there isn’t a mark on mine and I love the belt. I have mine tightened slightly and knitted so the bag stays the same shape all the time. Here’s both together ...

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  13. Ok, NOW you are really KILLING/taunting :roflmfao: me:panic:....you KNOW i want that blue too!!!! Ugh. Jealous:yes::girlsigh::drinks:
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  14. :coolio::lol: we could always arrange a swap for the chevron woc:hbeat::yes::tup:
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  15. Oh my gosh, these are my DREAM BAGS. Is it still possible to purchase these styles in Kohl anymore, or are they from a previous season and now hard to find?
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