Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. Which bag is Alicia Vikander carrying in 9161?
  2. It's the Pochette Metis Mini from Fall 2017.
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. Thank you so much for posting all the celebrity photos from the runway show, @steph22 !
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  5. Thanks, love fashion week!
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  6. I have to laugh at so many of them carrying that new spinning top style bag :biggrin: I know LV is promoting it, but might seem more special if fewer had it and they mixed in some other bag styles? I don't like this bag anyway, but seeing so many of them with it makes it seem even more played out!
  7. IMG_4317.JPG

    Somewhat new to LV. Can someone please help me with the name of Emma’s bag?
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  8. I believe it’s the Arch Bag. It’s part of the F/W 19 line and probably won’t be released until late summer. Check the F/W Women’s thread for updates.
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  9. Thank you so much for the info! Really appreciate it.
  10. I use to get so excited when I would see pics of Angelina Jolie and her LV bags and now I just feel like eh because of how she has treated Brad over the divorce and kids and everything. She is such a B! Just my 2 cents. But she is just not a fav anymore. :sad:
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  11. The Hamlin sisters are gorgeous!
  12. Sienna Miller, love the whole look:heart::heart::heart:
  13. Love the Capucines Sandra Bullock is carrying. I'm thinking about getting it. :love:
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  14. Yes, you should get it! It’s a beautiful bag......:smile:
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  15. You're so sweet
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