Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. Had that thought too on Amber Rose, but the wallet is LV.
  2. Why! it seems the celebrities like to wear ill fitting clothes that look bad on them when they’re on the streets? I don’t get it...so not flattering.
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  3. I agree! Ugh. So frumpy. I looked this up one day.. and found an article on it lol:
  4. I guess their desperation to be unique and to stand out dulls their mind to ugliness. So much so that they embrace it. It’s one thing to wear ugly clothes, it’s another to make yourself unattractive by wearing ugly clothes that don’t even fit!
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  5. ok i will readily admit to not keeping up with the kardashians but post 8905, what is that jacket on the child? i guess i just don't get the luxury market for kids. i'm probably just getting old, lol.
  6. I think it’s Versace, it was a gift from kris. There are articles about it....
  7. thanks lvlvoe_bug. i am so out of the loop. i don't even know whose child that is. is it mason?
  8. i like vanessa hudgens' bum bag. i think it's the brooklyn? does anyone have this one? thoughts?
  9. IMG_3755.JPG

    Can anyone help me identify Alicia’s bag? Many thanks!
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  10. This was the pochette metis mini from F/W 2017.
  11. Thank you for such a quick reply!
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  12. Nicole Murphy`s bag does anyone know the name? Kinda cute.
  13. Tuffetage Deauville.
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  14. I saw Nicole Murphy at the Gucci store in Las Vegas...she is stunning.
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