Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. Looks like the Capucines.
  2. What speedy size is that that Jessica Biel is carrying?
  3. Forget Jessica Biel I JT
  4. Forget Jessica Biel I JT
  5. It's a speedy 30.
  6. What is the name of sophie turner's bag that looks like a spinning top?
  7. It's coming out this spring, but I'm not actually sure if it has a name yet because it's still early. If anyone knows I'm also curious!
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  8. I believe it's called the toupie.
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  9. Thanks leechi. I am intrigued by this shape. I hope it comes in other mediums.
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  10. #8887 something is off with that Artsy. ie. the handle is horrific but I think it's more than well used, I honestly don't think it's authentic.
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  11. I totally agree! I wanted to mention that earlier, but I thought: "Let that go!" Thank you for mentioning that, I second.
  12. Stacey Dooley - which tote is she carrying? It's cute

    Vanessa - that Pochette Metis looks awfully full! ;)
    But in all seriousness, it kinda looks like bigger dimensions than normal to me. (They only come in one size, right?)

    Amber Rose - that looks like a YSL bag to me (?)