Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. It boggles my mind how tacky 90% of all celebs dress.
  2. I agree! Especially because they could all be dressed so classy, having enough money to have all their clothes tailored to fit!
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  3. Rebekah Vardy's purple leopard print onesie. OMG!
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  4. New wave mm looks so good on Sophie Turner!
  5. Lori Laughlin and her LV must be solving mystery in the nail salon . That’s a Hallmark joke.
  6. Cardi makes me want to throw out every single LV monogram bag that I have ever owned. :doh::doh::doh:
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  7. Love Hillary Duff's outfit! Casual and comfy!
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  8. That “Chanel” bag, my eyes!!!
  9. Me too, she looks so cosy.
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  10. The photo of Grace Coddington carrying one of the Catogram bags she helped design is so adorable.
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  11. My fav pic so far. Darn that woman though, I'm broke because of her kitties LOL...:lol: