Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. #9223 who is that Jenna Dewan is holding hands with? Is she not still married to Channing Tatum? Doesn’t look like him.
  2. That's her new boyfriend Steve Kazee. She and Channing announced their split about a year ago, I think they already broke up well before they announced the news.
  3. Oh okay. That’s too bad. Thanks!
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  4. off topic
    channing tatum is the new lover of british popsinger jessie j („price tag“, „domino“, „bang bang“), seen in #9220.
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  5. I THOUGHT that was him in 9220!! I wanted to ask but thought, no, I can only see the bottom half of his face, how can I tell?? Thank you for confirming that!
  6. you‘re welcome! :smile:
  7. In post #9222 Lily Allen actually looks put together and stylish. For a long time she's been quite messy with her personal life etc reflecting in her dress maybe. Lovely bag.
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  8. Bobby Hill and the LV backpack!!!! haha BEST POST ever!!!!
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  9. Agreed! Too funny :biggrin:
  10. My bag of the day [emoji173]️ CollageMaker_20190413_132730942.jpg
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  11. Wrong thread. This is celebrity comments
  12. That duffle bag on Lea looks gorgeous!
  13. Hi, is this the PETIT NOÉ NM Dani Dyer is carrying? But the strap looks like is long enough to crossbosy !?
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  14. I believe this is the Noe BB.
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