Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. #9290 - huh????? What. Is that.
  2. No matter if this is real or fake it should be burned. :P
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  3. 9303 what bag is that??
  4. It is a bumbag designed by vivienne westwood in 1996 (info through dlouisv)
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  5. Oh ok. Thanks! I thought it was another one of her fake bags.
  6. I love Alicia Vikander. Such a natural beauty. Such a relief to see her face not heavily made up every time, even for big events. It’s like a breath of fresh air, compared to the other celebs.
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  8. Agreed! Of all the pictures on TPF I’ve looked at today, this one was amazing! She does look quite chic [emoji177]
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  9. I know right! I was gonna ask did she have her bag painted??
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  10. #9355 - Isabel Goulart - those Fendi belt/pouches look so stupid...
  11. #9360 Sophie Turner is out and about in her pajamas.
  12. Made me look :lol:

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  13. Is Adele dating after her divorce?
  14. I believe that is a friend who is gay.

    #9422 Kirsten Corley is sooo pretty!
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