Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. Does anyone know what bag Lala Kent is carrying in #9545?
  2. Wendy Williams wearing a Wendy Williams tee is next level! :biggrin:
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  3. Love Gigi Hadid ostrich Ferragamo studio bag :heart: #9549
  5. It’s a twist..
  6. Thanks, I was hoping to find which model it is, haven't seen that one before.
  7. And now she has an inflatable LV rhino! What else could a woman possibly want...
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  8. I think it was from a few seasons ago...I thought I saw it on the website when it was available....
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  9. I know, I laughed so hard when I saw that photo! :biggrin:
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  10. I know, I laughed so hard when I saw that photo! :biggrin:
  11. So ridiculous. I wonder if she asked for it and they were so dumbfounded they said yes. What on earth will she do with it?
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  12. I'd love to see her house...
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  13. You're telling me you DON'T have a giant stuffed LV rhino in your living room? **clutches pearls, passes judgement** :graucho:
  14. Trump with a Neonoe...priceless! :biggrin:
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  15. I am sick to death of seeing all these "celebrities" and their the multiple pochette
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  16. Me too! :biggrin:
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