Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. She's new to the whole self love concept
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  2. Love the luggage tag on his shoe
  3. What on earth is going on with her waist? 3BA31CC5-8F66-486F-9FF4-BFD2AF27D951.jpeg
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  4. Bad photoshopping job!
  5. That's what I was gonna say...and why did they need to...as if she's not skeletal enough
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  6. Makes me feel better when I have reminders that what I'm seeing isn't real, all filters and photoshop :biggrin:
  7. Sofia looks great and can get away with murder...;)
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  8. Post #9863, love her shoes, does anyone know who makes Hillary Duff's shoes? TIA
  9. On post 9935 Peta is wearing a monogram satchel. For the first time I cannot pinpoint it. Is it new?
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  10. I don't know the style, but doesn't the canvas on this bag look like a strange color? Maybe it's just me :confused1:
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  11. Post 9936, If you have to hold you top so your boobs don't pop out the bottom, it's probably too short...:shocked:
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  12. was just coming here to ask about that bag. it looks like a mono croisette????? so confused.
  13. Could it have been a special order?
  14. What colour is Emma Roberts' capucines I'm #9932? I love that Barbie pink.