Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. I know, every woman and her dog has been gifted the Multi Pochette it seems!
  2. Yet another one posted now.

    Cheese and rice... At this point I feel bad for anybody who genuinely liked it, it makes me want to throw up. I’m not saying every bag has to be Unique TM, of course not, but I am so sick and tired of seeing this all over social media.
  3. #9682

    Does anyone know where to get the scarf

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  4. Katie Price... :facepalm:
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  5. #9703 Katherine McPhee married to David Foster, super wealthy. And here she is still rocking' that broke down neverfull. WOW! Now thats love for a bag. I would have dropped it off for repairs yesterday. HA!
  6. Came here to say this! Katherine has a career of her own too (though not David's wealth). Get that poor bag fixed!
  7. Haha, I noticed that string hanging too! I think she just doesn't care.
  8. Katie Price looks like me on my first day of grade school when I wanted to wear all my new clothes/shoes/backback/lunchbox all at once. :hrmm:
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  9. Which bag is on this pic ? #9712
  10. Hiii recently an influencer I follow uploaded a pic with a LV bag and I was wondering if it is a fake, because I haven't seen a similar design in any place.

    What do you think?
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  11. Hi it looks like the Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain bag to me. :smile:
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  12. Sofia Vergara has got to be the only woman left in the world that wears capri length denim. ALL THE TIME :lol:
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  13. *raises hand*

    I do too, sorry! if it helps they’re not ripped, but then again none of my jeans are... they are SO comfortable and easy to match shoe-wise!
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  14. I love capri/cropped pants or denim too! :biggrin:
  15. I still wear my denim capri too!!! Didn't know they were out of style..hmm..oh well..still love em!
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