Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

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  1. Kanye's are much worse than Tristan's, and Kanye probably has smaller feet so a better chance of getting the right size!
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  2. They are puma basket hearts
  3. Oh thank you!
  4. Am I the only one who wishes the forum was Kardashian free?
  5. OMG...Mason Disick with a Palm Springs backpack!! What is he...10???
  6. #8798 - I'm so old, so I have seen a lot of fashion trends. And the fact these horrible late 70 jeans are back in style make we want to puke! High waisted, straight, cut at the bottom. They are not flattering on anybody. Ex. Jessica Alba is HOT those jeans make her a NOT. As Simon says, "thats a no from me." ~ XOXO
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  7. +1 here!! Those jeans have to be horrible to make Jessica Alba frumpy :tdown:
  8. Hello!
    How stunning is Alicia Vikanders bag? :amazed:
    Does anyone know the name?
    Sorry about my bad english, i'm from Germany and i haven't spoke english for several years.
  9. It’s the Dauphine, a cruise 2019 bag, this colorway did not go into production. Maybe you are still able to order the other colorway at LV. You can check the cruise 2019 thread for more info on the bag.
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  10. Thank you, Emsidee. That helps me a lot. :smile:
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  11. Oh my is that a well loved Speedy that the Duchess of Sussex is carrying?! I love this pic!
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  12. #8844: Baldwin and Bieber are adorable, but why do they often dress like derelicts?
  13. Does anyone else not know who a lot of these people are, or is it just me? Lol xD (I'm 30 in the US, btw)
    Funny you say that.. I wore some high-waisted ugly gray "acidy-washed" straight jeans (more like jeggings) for a 90s throwback party (also going to wear them for my 80s Halloween costume).. and my fiance says, those jeans do nothing for your butt. And he loves my rear lol. He hates high-waisted anything; thinks it's not flattering. I just think it's funny bc in the 2000s we wouldn't be caught dead wearing that! (Hence why I still love flare jeans and boot cut! Way more comfy)
  14. #8856 <- LeAnne Rimes looks super cute.
  15. Which LV is Mrs. Macron carrying?