Cartier Tanks-solo or francaise?

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  1. No, this is the smaller size. For some reason it looks huge on my wrist though!
  2. Thank you :smile: I still love it as much as I did when I first got it! It's much more resilient than I expected too which is always a bonus!
  3. I purchased the small Tank Solo in August of 2012 and I LOVE it. I was looking at the Franciase too but I love a more rectangle face and the franciase was just too square for my liking. I liked that it was the cheaper option as well :smile:

  4. I have the same watch with small wrists. It doesn't look that big on me but anytime I try to take a picture of it on me it looks massive! I wonder why.
  5. Hey can I ask what wrist size do you have. As I'm considering this watch my wrists are 5.5inches. :/

  6. My wrist is about 5.8 inches. Truthfully, I still wish I had the medium size, this is the small. I've had it for 7 years and wanted the mother of pearl face so i didn't even try the medium. Of course, I still LOVE it to pieces and since I am petite it's perfect but just saying...

  7. Hi there, sorry to be replying to this so randomly, but do you happen to have a pic of your large Tank Solo? I'm in the midst of deciding between the small and large, but it's so hard to find pics of people wearing the large one! Thanks in advance :biggrin:
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