Cartier Tanks-solo or francaise?

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  1. Yes, it was quite a surprise! He repeated that performance this year with a 4 diamond Love! Literally was crying the second I saw the box!

    Anyhow, go I Cartier and play around. If two tone is out of your budget perhaps don't try it on, will only make it harder! LOL! One thing I thought of with the BB is that your Love won't sit flush with it, it doesn't matter, but would that bother you?

    Don't rush it, better to take a few weeks and go back a few times than regret a decision. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  2. Hello,

    I just thought I'd contribute my experience just in case you were interested! I have a tank solo in gold which I absolutely love! It's a very comfortable watch and is much harder wearing than may first appear. I received a yellow gold love bangle for my 18th birthday from my parents and then saved up for the watch. I also considered a tank francaise but I like my jewellery to match so knew I wouldn't be happy with a ss watch and a yg bracelet. I've never regretted my decision and nearly 3 years later, my watch still works perfectly and looks almost as good as new (although the accidental trip in the washing machine didn't do it any favours!)
  3. Just thought I'd contribute a photo too.. I don't normally wear them together as I worry about them scratching so I wear the bangle on my left hand and the watch on my right. Hope that helps with your decision!

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  4. Aww...such a sweetie... He definitely knows what a girl wants! :graucho:

    I will not stack the bracelet and the watch. In fact when I said it the dealer looked relieved. They are two pieces of jewelry and I hate to put any dents or scratches in them. I'm probably too careful but the bracelet is still very new, so I will move it to my right hand.

    Yes, I don't plan to jump to a decision. The real urgency is deciding whether to return Hermes and that's pretty much settled. Just hope cartier doesn't have another price increase with the watches in the near future...
  5. Thanks for posting the picture. I never consider gold but wow, it really looks nice. I need to try the solo again, but I prefer ss band since we have a dog :smile:
  6. Wow I really love this look! So elegant and classy :smile:
  7. Well . . .I´m suspected ´cause I l:heart::heart::heart::heart:ve the tank solo.

    I have one large ss, and it´s great . . .it´s a refreshed classic due to the ss.

    You can use during the day with several bracelets, on the evening with a diamond.

    One thing is for sure . . . tank solo is a dress up piece definetly. In my opinion, the TS looks still more classic than the TF, which also is great such like every Cartier model.

    In addition, there is the financial factor. For the price of a TF you buy a great the TS a great classic watch + a trinity ring, what I did.

    My next acquisition is a Galbe 2 tones or another TS in Gold with leather strap.

    Difficult to decide too.

    Good Luck for you . . .
  8. I've been debating on which watch to get, and finally made a decision on the SS Tank Solo (small)! :yahoo:

    My new watch:

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    Lovely! I love this watch! If only my BF could read my mind haha
  10. Thanks stmary! I'm totally smitten with it!
  11. Thank you for posting this. I want this watch, but couldn't decide between small and large. I think the small looks stunning on you. Congrats!!
  12. Thank you! Have you tried on either sizes in the store?
  13. This looks great in you!
  14. I have not tried them yet. In my mind, the small was much smaller. Glad to see it is a substantial size. :smile:
  15. Lovely watch, is this the larger size?
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