Cartier Tanks-solo or francaise?

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  1. Is anyone here familiar with the Cartier Tank solos? They are on site. I've never noticed them before. Are they new? Why are they so much less $ than the Tank Francaise ones and which do you think are prettier/better/nicer? TIA!
  2. I think they are part of the new "le must" collection. I asked about them before and didn't get any responses. The only thing that I could think of was maybe the cabachon on the solo is lab-created and not real? Regardless, I put the solo on my wishlist because it is much more reasonable and I still am saving for the love bangle.
  3. Kitsunegrl - What is a cabachon? Which size solo is on your wishlist? Thanks!
  4. The stone on the stem is the cabochon.

    I have the small size on my wishlist. I saw it at sak's and it seemed like a good size.
  5. Thanks. I think there is a round one too.
  6. Oh Hokaplan, I think you need both!!! :biggrin:

    Seriously, I have a Tank F and I absolutely adore it. It is so classic and chic.

    That said, I have also fallen in love with the Tank solo - I would definitely consider getting one of these as well. There's something so yummy about the shape and the band. Mmmm....
  7. Hokaplan I wish you wouldnt have brought this to my I want one of these solos too! I really like the rectangular one! I also love that Roadster with the pink pretty. Im going to have to make a trip to Saks soon to just look. Ugh I really need to be on a ban though after the J12.
  8. Sorry sassc! Let me know if you purchase one. Do you think Saks will give you 10% off?
  9. I hope so, I will definitely ask, as my SA at Saks was able to get me 10% off on the J12 too. That would certainly help. You are quite the enabler arent you?? Thanks a lot! LOL!
  10. I'm sorry for being an enabler! It is a beautiful watch and a great price. I wonder what my next watch will be.......
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    Last edited: Jul 23, 2010
    Tank Solo is one of the best value Cartiers out there. It's easy on the wallet (I mean compared to other Cartiers) but still look very elegant.

    You really need to try it on to appreciate the very soft Cayman leather. It's not really alligator leather (Cartier uses alligator on higher up model) but still in the family of Alligator. The difference is mainly in pattern/scale. But the Cayman still look very nice anyway.

    On Tank Solo, the cabochon is spinel (semi-precious stone) instead of sapphire like on higher end Cartier. The spinel looks quite more blue and more solid blue, whereas the sapphire, well of course looks like sapphire and has much clearer blue colour.
    The solo comes with deployant instead of belt and buckle type, so it's very convenient (as easy as taking off a watch with metal bracelet). And it has a very generous size dial for ladies' watch - very clear and very easy to read, and most importantly, it has this super nice Cartier signature roman numeral style.

    Discount wise, I'm not sure if we're allowed to talk about discount or not in this forum, but all I can say is expect more than 10% off RRP. I must say it's really a classic watch this one.

    The reason why it's cheaper than Francaise is for one, everything else being equal, stainless steel bracelet always cost more than leather strap. And I think Cartier positions Francaise as a step above in terms of pricing (not quality, I don't think) compared to Solo.
  12. I had a Ronde Solo and it was a fantastic watch. It was comfortable, easy to read, and lovely to look at. I sold it to help finance another watch ( I don't want to have a big watch collection) and I do miss it.
  13. I am in the market for a tank solo,mainly bec it is easier on the wallet but also because I think it's style is slightly less 'girly', kwim? not masculine but a bit 'cooler'. you can also get the tank solo with a stainless steel bracelet.
    the francaise also just uses spinal for the cabochon. besides, FOR ME i cannot justify spending so much money on a quartz movement watch.

    at some point in the future i want a small ballon bleu, dual colour, automatic.
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