Cartier Tanks-solo or francaise?

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  1. Sienna Woof- here's my small watch. I also wear a 17 Love (and its VERY loose on me). The small Cartier isn't tiny at all though and overall I LOVE it and still think its amazing and so elegant!

  2. Here's a shot from a little further out to get a better reference as to the size.

    Must say, I am biased towards this watch! I also looked online at you H watch. It's really nice too, but I think the tank has a lovely understated elegance to it and can be worn dressed up or down, whereas the H seemed to look a bit more casual/daytime. Can't go wrong with either tho.

  3. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! How old is your watch? It still looks like new to me, and fits your wrist perfectly (and love you ring as well).

    I like that the H hour is very minimalist looking with the leather strap, but when I wear it it's really unsubstantial since the case is small. Doesn't feel like a $2000 watch to me (would still get it if it's under $500, no offense to Hermes). I like that the tank has history behind it, is so elegant and timeless, plus cartier is a jewelry maker so it's not just a fashion watch. Just need to find a better price at this point.

    I finally locate a dealer that has the cartier tanks and will try them on today. I'll update after that :smile:

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    Ok. I finally got a chance to try the watches. I'm attaching pictures below. Please let me know what you think.


    Tank francaise. It looks a bit blurry because the watch is covered in plastic wrap.


    Tank solo small. The case is larger but sits very flat on the wrist. They didn't have the ss strap in the store. Feels more unisex.


    I confuse myself further by trying the bb as well. Definitely looks more casual and modern, in a nice way.


    Finally, the H hour which I will probably return. It still looks great. But for $2000...I can't justify the price for this watch.

    I also tried the two-tone tank francaise mm. It does also look very nice, more like a statement piece. phillj12,, I understand how you feel now. It's really a tough call but I think pm is probably a better everyday watch for me. Love the two-tone look but it's out of the budget right now. Dealer said I can always trade in and upgrade later.

    Dealer also mentioned that every battery change, which is about 3 years, costs about $410 at Cartier, but after that they give you one year warranty. Just thought I'd share this info.

    Ok, now tell me what you think? Which one to get? TIA!!
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    I think the Solo looks the best on your wrist, but I generally prefer watches that have a slightly bigger face. I personally think the medium Tank F would look great on you.

    The BB looks nice on you too!:graucho:
  6. Love the tank francaise on you, I am a bit biased though as I have the medium size one with date and I love it.
  7. I have that exact Tank francaise and the H-Hour with same strap. LOVE the Tank more! I say Ballon Bleu later in another metal or something.
  8. you really got me thinking...

  9. LOL, not sure why I repeated the bit about liking watches with a slightly bigger face :roflmfao:

    Sorry for complicating your decision making ;) I'm in the process of deciding between a Cartier and a Omega and it's doing my head in!
  10. My vote is for the Tank Solo in SS! That is the watch I'm also planning on buying in the next few months. The leather strap would have to be replaced , but the SS strap would last for the lifetime of the watch. I too was on the fence between the Tank franchise and the Tank Solo. I think the Solo is classic, modern and not as common as the Francaise, besides saving all that money. I just bought e Cartier Trinity ring, that and the Solo is still less than the Francaise.

    Good luck on your decision, I'm at peace with mine :biggrin:
  11. Thanks, all. You guys are super helpful. I see the points in each of your replies. They are helping me with the final decision. Please keep them coming.
  12. I like the tank francaise best BUT if you can get the solo with a SS band, to me that's just as well. When I tried the BB, wasn't as fond of it because it isn't flat. I like the SS or two tone bands because they are so worry free! Mine is just over 6 years old, got it as a 1 year anniversary (surprise) gift! Was crying when they brought the red box to me instead of dessert! I think when they repaired it I had it polished as well.

    Our opinions aside, you should go with the one that really speaks to you. Did you have a gut reaction to one or the other? They are all great watches!

    PS...although I wish I had the larger tank, I don't obsess over that at all, I still LOVE my tank and think its beautiful and don't regret purchasing it for one minute!

    Keep us posted!
  13. Wow...didn't know there's a wonderful story behind your watch. That made it even more special. Your husband is amazing. I would melt at the scene :biggrin: I know a lot of guys consider luxury items unpractical.

    I had to admit when I tried the medium tank f and medium ballon bleu, my heart skipped a beat. They are just stunning at first sight, especially the two-tone strap really goes with my ring and bracelet. I need some time to let that sink in though because I had my heart set on small and still think it might be better for everyday wear. Dealer says the tank f holds more value than the bb so that also affects me. Still need to try the tank solo ss, because on the big leather strap the case is so light it floats. Need the real thing. Now I know that I'm returning the h hour for sure, maybe I'll drive down to cartier boutique this weekend to try them on again.
  14. Well, I'm of the dissenting opinion here, but I'd have to say that out of what you've tried, I LOVE the BB on you! You seem to have petite wrists/hands/arms and the TF looks to big and the Small TS (is that a small?) looks pretty huge. (I'm thinking about getting a Tank Solo for myself, but I have much bigger bones and on me, the small is about normal sized.)

    There is something about the round shape of the BB that just really works with the screws in your Love bracelet and ring, too. They pick up on the round shape and it makes for a quite harmonious triptic on the wrist.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll love it!
  15. I completely agree!!! I hate to throw a wild card in, but I loved the BB on you!!
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