Cartier or Rolex.....Which do you prefer??

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  1. Agree on that, some watches are so heavy, they are cumbersome. Weight is a major consideration when selecting a daily watch.
  2. Perhaps the question should be “Rolex or Patek?” Because I consider Rolex and Patek to be more collectable and serious quality watches vs Cartier being more of a fashion brand.
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  3. I may have responded to this before but Rolex. Cartier doesn't keep its value for resale.
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  4. Hi,

    you might want to check out these great articles in regards to Cartier and watches ;)

    While Cartier watches might not be the #1 in holding value (whatever that means to oneself) they are definitely right up there with Rolex - Patek will always be a little different story.

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  5. I have a SS rolex with a salmon dial and find it hard to read too. My prior watch was a movado with no markers and this rolex isn't any easier to read than that watch
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  6. Cartier. Rolex are too big for me.
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