Cartier or Rolex.....Which do you prefer??

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a new watch soon, but I can't decide between Rolex and Cartier. What do you think?
  2. Cartier all the way, Rolex is definitely way more accurate but I am a bimbo so I look at the design first.
  3. Do you know the different prices between the two? I am also thinking of buying a new watch but Rolex is on my mind..:smile:
  4. I sell both but I am partial to Rolex because it holds it's value so well. Rolex is one of the few watches that you can take into any pawn shop anywhere in the world and they will ALWAYS buy it.

    Rolex also increases their price by 10% regulalry, so your watch will hold it's value in the long run.
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  5. The two I'm interested in are:

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust SS $3575
    Cartier Tank Francaise SS $3200
  6. This Cartier Tank new retails for around $3100 (I sell it for about $2700) if that gives you an idea compared to the Rolex that we talked about.
  7. :yes: and when it comes to watches i think the inner part counts. and i take a manufacture mechanical movement anytime over a 5$ eta quartz one. so rolex all the way or a mechanical cartier. but a quartz cartier is definately not worth the money and moreso will depreciate in value as fast as you can say "burnt money"
  8. I prefer Cartier as I own one. I had an x-boyfriend who owned several Rolex watches and they did not keep the best time. I have heard that from quite a few people actually but no doubt they do hold their value.
  9. about the time keeping. of course a mechanical watch (automatic or manually wound) are never as accurate as a quartz one but rolex has nearly all their watches are official chronometer certified which means they keep their time up to their standarts. but of course it has to be adjusted properly (put on a timescale etc) and maintained every 5 yyears. ;)
  10. Good information ladies. Thanks!
    Bagluver, Well, I think I will go Rolex all the way! :love: But I am still looking for the perfect one I want.
    Japster, ooh I keep thinking about that watch! You are so bad!LOL:P
  11. Thanks for all the information! I think I'm leaning toward the Rolex, but I'm still undecided.

  12. lilach, is right. Cartier quartz watches don't use their own movements. When compared to rolex, everything is in house.

    My DH says you can visit for info on all kinds of watches.
  13. oh my exhusband was (is) a member on that forum he is big time into complicated watches and collects them(and infected me with his watch bug)
    very informative indeed :yes:
  14. I think both are great. Personally though, i'm a Cartier lover and always loved its subtle class.
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