Cartier or Rolex.....Which do you prefer??

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  1. I have both, but i like the Rolex better in terms of practicality. But i love how the Cartier looks, it's very feminine and light, but its definitely a dress watch whilst a Rolex is made for durability.

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  2. ^ your tank is divine, may I ask what size it is?

  3. I've never preferred rolexes but I love these on you!
  4. Thanks :smile: It's the smallest size Tank Anglaise. I thought it had a more youthful appearance than the Francaise.
  5. I agree, I prefer Anglaise over Francaise. I am looking forward to purchasing it :smile: If you don't mind me asking what size is your wrist just so I know for reference, the size looks awesome on your wrist! TIA:smile:
  6. Rolex. it's classic and holds its value more.
  7. Thanks :smile: the cartier actually gets more compliments than the rolex, even from people who are oblivious of the watch brands. I have really small wrists, 5 inch. if i had bigger wrists, i wouldve gotten the medium size as the small size has a quartz movement.
  8. hello alessia70,
    does the cartier still get more compliments ?
    i think the rolex even more holds the value better and can be worn to all type of clothes, for every occasion etc.
    for me it´s still the more eye-catcher than a cartier, especially this one. do you have any more pics from it on your wrist ?
  9. Hi all,
    I'm also divided between:
    • Cartier Tank Anglaise Yellow Gold (S or M)
    • Rolex Datejust Yellow Gold (28 or 31)
    Which one do you prefer? and why?
    BTW I love gold but I want less attention to my watch. Thank you in advance!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I love both brands. Cartier usually gets my vote. But my pick is the Rolex.
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  11. For these two specific Styles I would go with the Cartier and I'm a Rolex ownerr
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  12. For everyday I would prefer the Rolex because it is a better quality watch...though I would prefer smooth bezel, Roman numerals and a different color dial.
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  13. Be aware, the gold dial makes it harder to read the time, especially if you aim to keep the watch a long time and get "older" eyesight. I had a beautiful gold President with gold dial I had to sell cuz I literally could not see the time. Just something to keep in mind.
    I have had this Cartier and liked it, but I am a Rolex gal at heart. But I prefer for long term ownership white dial with Roman numerals. So classic!
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  14. Another vote for the all gold Rolex with white dial and Roman numerals!
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  15. I also have both - actually I have the Tank Francaise in midsize and the small with MOP dial. On a daily basis I love to wear the small Tank as it is so easy, light and slim. You don´t even notice that you are wearing a watch. 3 months ago I added a Rolex in 36 mm to my collection and I still struggle to enjoy wearing it as it is so heavy compared to the small Cartiers! I mean yes it is a huge difference between these two, but still I think for everyday the watch should be small and not too heavy. So my Rolex is the special occasion watch ;)
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