Cartier or Rolex.....Which do you prefer??

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  1. Rolex for me. Always. Never bought a different maker.
  2. do you have some pics of your collection ?
  3. Much prefer Cartier watches. Rolex are not my taste at all.
  4. I own three Rolexes and three Cartier. I've worn Rolex for a long time but the Cartier are fairly new to me. I see a lot of pros and cons (mostly pros) with both brands. I personally think the Rolex holds its value better and is better made and more widely known. The Cartier are cool watches and being a different brand that's not instantly recognized by everyone is more fun.

    But value-wise I honestly think the Rolex are more high end and a bit better made.
  5. This is no bling two tone. Had for 17 years


    White gold, With bling, which I think is fabulous. I love the small watches.


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  6. Sorry uploaded too many times.

  7. Beautiful watches! What size is the two tone? I just tried on one just like it.
  8. Thanks etk123. 26mm I think. It's small. I have a very small wrist. 5.25 inches and I wear my watches very tightly.

  9. Teeny wrist! 26 looks great on you!
  10. Beautiful watches, but LOVE you diamond ring!
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  11. i love both on you ! fantastic! both are feminine and absolutely stunning! 17 years ? it looks brand new. both of it. did you wear it daily ??? thanks for the pics, btw. which size is the silver one ?

  12. Thank you so much. What a lovely compliment. I wear the two tone daily. They are both small, 26 mm. I wonder if that is the smallest size it comes in. My mom chooses them for me so I kinda suck at the details. And I wear them really tight. I know. I'm weird. They basically stick to my wrist unless I forcibly move it. I have a pink one too. When I find it I'll take a pic. I know rolexes aren't usually seen as feminine and pretty as Cartier. And they are bulkier too, meaning just the depth of them. I see them as more utilitarian in its look. But that is what I love about them. And I hate to say it but I don't do maintenance on them at all. They say you should. If I haven't worn it in a couple of months I just reset the time and wind. I have never noticed mine being off.
  13. i hardly can´t believe it. they are both in such a perfect shape. you don´t do your housework with it, do you ? :smile: yes, pls post a pic when you will find your pink one. LOL, you are crazy .... :roflmfao: dont´t know, where a rolex-watch is located somewhere. i love your post !
  14. Love both of them, very classic and feminine. If I ever had a rolex, I would want either one of them :P
  15. you're watches are beautiful. I'm getting a Rolex ASAP. :biggrin: