Cartier Love Bracelet and Airport Security

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  1. Same experience
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  2. Within Europe it will beep in most places. I’ve noticed Swedish metal detectors are super sensitive, they beep every single time for me (I wear two). I once had someone in a regional airport tell me I wasn’t very smart to wear bracelets you can’t take off for flying, cracked me up :biggrin: but it wasn’t like there was much she could do about it. I do raise my hands so they know in which area the metal is. I go through the scanner if there is one but most airports don’t seem to have them, only fairly large ones.
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  3. I travel internationally at least once a month and it beeps from time to time. A quick pat down and I’m good after showing them the bracelet.
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    I don’t travel much but I went into courts on a daily basis as a lawyer.

    Everything will set the alarm on, my bracelets, my heels (metal inside), my colleague’s belt buckle.. I will be wanded most of the time. Thankfully courts security never asked people to remove any jewellery or belt, so that may be different to airports.

    I don’t think there is much difference in terms of the purity of the metal, as gold jewellery has 75% gold and my Hermes silver jewellery has 92.5% silver. Both set the alarm on every time. However, Fashion jewellery never set it on at all, Chanel long necklace went thru without issue, it’s relatively light weight and obviously not made of any precious metals, I don’t think it’s even solid...

    I think it’s more about the volume (and density) of the metal, so a pair of higher 3 inch heels will set the alarm on, and my kitten (1.25 inch) heels do not.
  5. I have a friend who has the classic bracelet (YG if it helps), and she got a cheap screwdriver from the hardware store that is capable of unscrewing her bracelet which she carries in hand luggage when she is travelling. She told me the story of how she almost missed her flight once because the bracelet set off the alarm and she had no way of removing it and it became kind of an ordeal because the person doing the check didn't recognise it and was insisting she remove it so she had to request a supervisor to authorise the wand check etc etc. She said its never happened to her since then - most airports it either doesnt get set off or they accept that she cant remove it and wand check her - but that instance has made her wary and now she always carries a small cheap screwdriver. Interestingly, a lot of places she travels to the screwdriver isnt allowed in hand luggage, but they've never caught her, except once where she explained its to remove her bracelet and they let her keep it (after logging it).
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