Cartier Love Bracelet and Airport Security

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  1. My recent experience... I just traveled through 6 different airports in the US, while the new scan machines were fine, unfortunately, they're going back to the older metal detectors and they went off every time! Since I couldn't take the bracelet it off, I wound up having to getting a serious pat down by some very interesting people.

    If that bothers you at all I would not risk it. Also, it takes time for them to find a woman to do the pat down and they'll either do it right in the middle of everything (so everyone can watch) or you can go into a room to do it. I would definitely leave extra time, just in case!
  2. I just travelled through JFK with my DD who is 1 and a half. My JUC set off the alarm. They didn't pat her down but did ask me to take off the bracelet.
  3. I flew last week and got padded down at newark because of the Love. Flying out of Philly tomorrow with my sister in law and we both have the Love so should be interesting. Other times nothing!
  4. Thanks to all who responded. I'm leaning towards taking it off to avoid delays / issues at airport security at the moment... How I wish that it does not set off the alarms so the bracelet can stay on... oh well...
  5. I past schiphol airport amsterdam today. It went of and i told them i can't take it off so the frisked me and it was oke
  6. I’ve been thinking of getting a Love bracelet.

    However, I travel quite a bit. I’m guessing the bracelet screws would be an issue walking through the airport body scanners. Will you please share your Love bracelet and airport experiences? I’m also curious if the experience differs based on the airport.

    I look forward to reading everyone’s posts. Thanks in advance!! [emoji847]
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  7. I never set the metal detector off with just one love. With 2 I set it off about 50% of time. Now with 3 I set it off all the time. I was travelling a lot for work and it only takes an extra couple minutes to get the wand treatment. Airports recognize the bracelets now, so not an issue for me.
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  8. My one rose gold Love with four diamonds sets off all airport metal detectors (But not courthouses, go figure..)
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  9. When I wear my 2 stacked, they set off the detector. When I take the cuff off, usually it doesn't go off but I've had mixed experiences. Never had a real "issue," I just explain I can't take it off and they'll usually wand over it and let me through. Really a non-issue :smile:
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  10. Thank you! Thank you very much for replying!
  11. I hv pre TSA & more often than not must go through the scanner “hands up” detector when traveling. At one airport I had to leave the pre TSA line & walk down to another scanner bc of my bracelet. Didn’t hv to wait in line again, but it was a hassle.

    Always get wanded over as well. It’s not really a bother but worth a mention
  12. I have both the JUC and the love on one arm, and a Rolex and a diamond tennis bracelet on the other. I’m also TSA pre-check, and travel through airport security probably 4-6 times a month. I have set off only one alarm: Dallas Fort Worth. I took off the JUC, and no issue with one love bracelet. If anything, I would have thought the hunk of steel Rolex would have set it off, but no issues!!
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  13. No issues. Most major airports have body scanners and I’ve never set any off. Just like in a court house being a juror they asked me to remove them but I told them they were screwed on and they laughed and let me through.
  14. Hi, I travel around twice a month internationally, mainly Asia Pacific and Europe, and my RG Love sets off scanners around 60pct of the time. I walk through with my arms crossed at the wrist and lowered as recommended. Ost airport staff recognise 'the one screwed on' now and you will get padded down, but it's minutes or less (in my experience). I've never been given a hard time for not being able to remove it.
  15. I read on one of the threads here to hold up the arm that your bracelet is on halfway (so your hand is near your chest) when you walk through. It has seemed to work for me
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