Cartier Love Bracelet and Airport Security

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  1. I'm curious.....for those who have the love bracelet and much of a pain in the butt is it?

    I was at Cartier today and the manager told me some airlines have been "trained" understand that the bracelet can't be removed -lol.

    Does anyone use the Fly Clear lanes and does it make any difference getting thru security if you're wearing the bracelet?

    Please share your experiences :yes:
  2. i am also wondering the answer to your post because when i recently bought mine cartier told me it WOULD go off and i have asked around and three people told me it WILL NOT go off? i am so confused....
  3. If it is GOLD ELECTROPLATED will it go off??
    Thanks :smile:
  4. My question was really not about whether the bracelet will set off the alarms, I'm guessing it will. I was more concerned about how TSA reacts to the bracelet and the inability to remove it...

    How much hassle will TSA give you? And if you're a registered traveler (with a Fly Clear pass), does that help at all?
  5. What does this bracelet look like?
  6. There are a variety of styles and gold options. The basic bracelet is gold and there are several diamond options.

    This thread shows the bracelet in yellow gold with the 4 diamonds

    There are a few more threads on this bracelet, if you do a search on cartier love bracelet, you should find them :smile:
  7. I have a rose gold love bracelet and it sometimes sets off security. I have had mine for 4+ years and it seemes to be setting off the alarms more and more . . . . but security is trained for it. I think that as these bracelets grew in popularity and security got tightened they did school the agents that these bracelets set off the alarms.

    I wear mine all the time and it is still random about setting off the alarms. It is not a big deal . . . . as long as you are comfortable being pulled to the side and searched with a wand
  8. I have a white gold one and I travelled from the UK to the US over Nye/xmas, it did not set any alarms off, but if it had, I didnt have the screw driver with me and there is not way, they are chopping off my arm.x
  9. OOOOH I've seen the advertisements for these. thanks!
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was thinking about buying the cuff rather than the bracelet but it according to Cartier, it's not available with diamonds...

    So now my only decision is 4 or 10 diamonds. DH should be will make his VD shopping so much easier this year ;)
  11. I have the same and it sets off security alarms at random ... it's weird.
  12. just wanted to update that i wore my bracelet for the first time today through security and it set it off they put me in a seperate room and were rubbing me all over with that wand. it was hilarious!:lol:
  13. mine go off randomly... but i just pull up my sweater and reveal it and they leave me alone. i have never been asked to take it off or anything like that... sometimes they take the wand and swipe me again. i believe their biggest concern is concealed items that set the alarm off--- i have mine on for 10 yrs...the second one for 5 yrs now- and have never taken it off! even during 2 childbirths!
  14. did you buy the bracelet from cartier?
  15. Mine didn't go off going one way but they did coming home. The lady looked at my wrist and said it's my bracelets. Made me walk through again, arm extended and viola, I was on my way.
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