Cartier Love Bracelet and Airport Security

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  1. I traveled a bit late 2017. Especially going through ATL-Hartfield and Dallas. I cannot imagine being stopped and frisked or asked to wait for an invasive scan with all the airport traffic, crowds, and stopgaps. I don't own a Love yet for I'm deciding between Love and JUC. Reading this makes me lean toward JUC.

    I know ATL has many issues, like the power outage and adding another reason to delay me getting to prepare, snack and relax before my gate scares me. I'm curious as to what you will decide.
  2. I fly in and out of Hartsfield a couple of times a month. No issues, with both the JUC and Love on one arm. However, my H belt buckle did set it off once.
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  3. Never once I didn’t trigger the alarm since I got the Love bracelet 3 months ago. I tried to put under long sleeve, stuff my hand inside my pocket, stuff a finger in between, non works. Haiz... Kuala Lumpur, Spore, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Zurich...
  4. I have the WG cuff and it sets off the scanner about half the time. It hasn't been an issue, and I've only been asked to take it off once. I think at the bigger airports they see Loves often enough to know the drill.
  5. the only place it has set off security is YVR (Vancouver BC). Everywhere else it is a non issue.
  6. I've only flown a couple of times since getting the bracelet. No issue whatsoever.

    I'm told the metal detectors at airports are set to find magnetic metals like iron or steel. So previous metals like gold or platinum don't set them off.
  7. It almost always beeps for me when I travel internationally (mostly around Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan), but when I fly in the US they usually don't.

    I fly pretty often and so far no one has ever asked me to take them off, they just have a woman pat me down and use the hand scanner. There were very few times the security would see the bangles and just make a comment like, "Oh, THOSE.. Ok you can go."

    I'm assuming that since Love bracelets have been around for a long time and are widely popular, most airport security people probably recognize them that when they do beep they're more lax about you keeping it on (knowing that it's difficult to take off).
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  8. I also got the pat down etc and was fine.
  9. When I first got mine, it never triggered but lately, it always does. But I read other people’s comments about sticking a finger between your skin and the bracelet, and that helps to not set off the alarm.
  10. I have my Love a year now and I had never problems with the security check. But I am curious, do you ladies travel with the small screwdriver in your handbag?

    I always thought I should take the screwdriver with me, but I am so afraid that they say I can’t take it with me in the plane for security reasons.
  11. I carry the screwdriver in my wallet always... Just in case. But I’ve never been asked to take it off. I wear 2 JUCs and a love bracelet, and my watch, and my tennis bracelet. Everything else other than the Love can come off if the detector goes off.

    I’ve read that it depends how fine the machine is calibrated - eg TSA precheck does not get set off with zippers, etc. because it’s calibrated lower. I’ve also read that it’s not just THAT you have metal, it’s the density of the metal (e.g. how thick it is). So at DFW, the agent suggested I thin out the bracelets by separating them a little and allowing some space between them when I walk through.

    None of the agents ever seemed disconcerted or surprised by the bracelets though.
  12. I have been reading over these threads. What’s the best way to go through the metal detector the first time? With my arm up like in an L shape. Or with one hand around the braclet? Does security actually let people walk through like that? With one hand around another wrist? I guess eventually I will figure out what works for me. But was wondering how to start ?
  13. Hello! I know this thread is older but I didn't receive comment on my own Thread and I'd like to know if anyone could help and give me answer here....I greatly appreciate it! :smile:
    My question that I'd like to ask is ---
    Does anyone who own Cartier Love Bracelet often travel internationally? Does anyone know or experienced If the sports west band could help the alarm system? Or anything else could help alarm system not beep without remove the bracelet? Can you help this question please?? I finally decided and am about to purchase the love bracelet, a classic full bangle that I plan to wear 24/7. I don’t like cuff option. But I concern I sometimes travel internationally and read thread of airport security alarm beap by the bracelet?? I don’t want to be stopped and stuck by the security guards in the airport. I really appreciate for your help Thank you! :smile:
  14. It always beep in all airports I’ve been to (Lisbon, Paris, London, etc). Before I go through I tell them it’s going to beep and I show them. Many are familiar and those that aren’t will ask if you can take off and I say I can’t. Sometimes they pat me sometimes not but it’s not a big deal. Some of the security people have given me tips to see if it will not beep but it always beep. It’s doesn’t bother me. Me and my family have gotten used to it.
  15. Thanks for the response! Have you ever experienced from USA to Asia airports too? I sometimes travel to Europe and mostly travel to Asia very often.
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