Cartier Diamants Leger vs Tiffany DBTY

Jan 29, 2013
I had purchased a DBTY Tiffany and ended up returning as I didn't feel the SA gave me enough details on the diamond (at purchase) - and decided I would like better specifications.

I have been looking at more specific diamonds with that style and happened upon the Cartier Leger. I would definitely want the large size if i went with that option. I like the chain looks more substantial and sparkly etc than the DBTY. I have seen different opinions on the Cartier style staying in place vs spinning. I am typically not a fan of the extender but may be nice option if it stays put!

I am also trying to determine if I would like RG vs WG or Platinum. Most of the jewelry is WG (along with my wedding ring) and a large prong set solitaire pendant. I was thinking RG would be a nice change - is there much difference in look between YG and RG? RG is just slightly more warm/rosey due to copper content?

Any input would be appreciated :smile: