Can't Decide which CF to purchase!

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  1. I feel CF should be black .You can always get another mini or something in navy .Unless you plan to add another one in your collection later .
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  2. Navy!
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  3. Navy! It’s so much more versatile than people think.
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  4. Navy. The navy is so dark, it looks almost black. The navy leather looks puffy and nicer than the black as well. I would get navy now, and the black one in the future if u still want it.
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  5. Navy is a little more interesting than black (and this is coming from someone who wears all black all the time.)
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  6. Navy but only if it’s a true Navy, if it’s almost black then what’s the point. Black will always be available.
  7. I agree. I feel the same. Classic for me would be black and get another style like mini in navy. :smile:
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  8. I disagree. M/l can be any color you love and can be worn with shoulder strap. I would recommend black minis because they’re single strap and will rub on jeans, or whatever pants you wear (thus harder to keep pristine)

    tl;dr Get the color you love!
  9. NAVY!!! My first was a navy...and a true navy like this one only comes around every few years! Certain years can be more blue than navy. I will also say, even though this is your first, it won’t be your last! I think the navy is a little more edgy as well- everyone has the black...and they are starting to look common ( can’t believe I am saying that for a $6000 bag) I would still wear that navy with black- would look fabulous!!!!
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  10. +1 for the navy!

    As I can see from the pic it's a very beautiful navy that you can match with a lot of other colours... So I would now go for the navy, you can always get another bag in black later, since black will be always available
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  11. I vote for the navy too, I also had the same delimma ( between black and navy) . I went for the navy because it’s a bit more shiny and special. Black is so ordinary and everyone has it.
  12. I just purchased my first Chanel CF in black. Had I more sense and looked at a few other bags besides just the black, I would have considered navy. They are both beautiful and you can't go wrong.
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  13. Thanks everyone for your input!!! I purchased the navy over the phone and when I went to pick it up today the sheen on the bag started bothering me..... so I ended up returning it and purchased the black with gold hardware. I had not considered black with gold before since I felt it gave off a fancy vibe, but I actually loved it b/c it matched most of my jewelry. I LOVE navy, but in the end the sheen of the leather was the deal breaker!
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  14. Congrats!!! Love black with gold!
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  15. Congrats! Wear in good health.
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