Can't Decide which CF to purchase!

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  1. I would appreciate any input in this awesome dilemma :smile:

    This is my first chanel purchase and I assumed I would get a black Caviar with silver hardware. But I just saw the dark navy with light gold hardware and now I cannot decide! I LOVE navy and have always been drawn to blue. I currently own designer handbags mostly LV and gucci in both colors. Also - the navy has more of a shine or sheen to the leather, and the black seems more matte. I just feel that black is better for a first purchase...... if anyone can chime in I would appreciate it.

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  2. This navy in pictures almost seems black so it must be a very dark navy which can be quite versatile. I wouldn't go for black only because that's what most everyone talks about. Black will always be there and first time purchasers inevitably become 2nd time purchasers more often than not! If you think you might be interested in lambskin aswell down the road then you could easily go for a black lambskin shw which could be a nice complement to this one.

    You can't go wrong either way! Good luck with your purchase!
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  3. I'd go for the navy, personally.
  4. Black. Navy is nice but almost looks black and will be less versatile. If you’ve always wanted the black you will still crave the black
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  5. I was in the same delima! I was debating between a navy m/l classic flap and a black one. Even though I love navy, I ended up with a black one because I felt like it was the right choice for my first Chanel. However, now I wish I had gotten a navy instead. I prefer a lighter version navy than the one in your picture. If you love that shade of navy, I think you should go for it. The black will always be there. Good luck deciding. Either choice is gorgeous! ;)
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  6. Navy. You said it yourself that you LOVE navy. There is your answer, and it came from you. Plus everyone and their mothers, sisters, and daughters have a black CF, but I have never seen a navy CF in the wild, and navy goes with practically everything. And you LOVE navy.:smile:
  7. I vote navy. If you want a black and silver Chanel in the future, it will be easy to find, but the perfect navy in perfect leather with the hardware you want won’t always be available. And you said you love blue, so I think your leaning that way. But either one is FABULOUS :biggrin:
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  8. Do you prefer the light gold hardware or the silver? Does that make a difference for you?

    I vote for the navy. It’s dark enough to be as versatile as the black, but it’s less common and hence more unique. Plus, you love the colour.
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  9. I'd go for the black only b/c the navy looks more like a faded black instead of navy blue (to me).
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  10. I like the navy.
  11. Consider your wardrobe and how you would style it. I love love the idea of a navy CF! But for me, I wear a lot of navy so I would pick the black bag. Another member had a great point tho, Black will always be there as a second, third, fourth, fifth (...) bag. And nothing more delicious than black lambskin to compliment!
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  12. navy!!! it's so subtle and beautiful :smile:

    the first flap i got was a black and i find that i also cannot stop thinking about the navy because of its 'duality' - looks like black/blue under certain lighting and it's so uncommon as opposed to the black! i'm looking to get a navy mini flap the next time too :smile: if i had a choice again i'd certainly buy a navy > black haha :smile:

    (whichever you get, please update us i'd love to see it on you!)
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  13. My first 10-12 Chanel purchases were NOT black. I like something a bit unique, and there will be beautiful black Chanels available in the future that you love even more. You don’t sound in love with this black one. You can get a black one that you love later.
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  14. From what you wrote,
    You know that your heart tingling on navy.
    But you know that always classic black is always classic, lifetime, long last and so on.

    My suggest,
    If you have more budget, just pick navy now. Black later then maybe in other style.

    But if I were you, i pick black.
    Navy or more light blue for small chanel bag.

    Good luck for your choice!
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  15. I think you should go with the Navy. I agree with others that black will always be there and it sounds like the leather on the navy is much nicer than the current seasons black caviar :smile:
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