Can the vachetta leather be stopped naturally from turning to patina if...

  1. you just let the bag sit inside its dustbag in the closet for years? Or it will still turning patina but in a very slow process?
  2. I've heard stories of people who've NEVER used their bag and just let it sit init's sleeper in the closet and it patina'd anyway after a while. I think it can vary depending o the climate you live in.
  3. Yeah, the patina process will still happen over time.
  4. Oh. :oh:

    I didnt know that. I have a Mono Mizi that I bought a few months back and it still in the plastic and dustbag. I thought she'd be safe there until I was ready to bring her out. Oh well
  5. what's patina??
  6. it is a process that happens with untreated leather, like the ones that LV puts on his purses. The leather is very pale, almost white, to begin with, and over about a year, it turns a honey brown. Some people like it, some people don't. Personally, I love a good patina!
  7. I prefere the fresh new patina
  8. oxidation has something to do with the patina process besides humidity and light. so even if your bag doesn't see the light of day for a year it will still darken a bit as air still circulates around the bag. i don't think there's one sure way of permanently keeping the vachetta leather virginal white.
  9. Hypothetically.....what if you sealed it up in a totally airtight container and stored it in total darkness?
  10. i thought about that but i think leather has to breathe. but i could be wrong and it could work.
  11. Would the bags at the LV store patina from just sitting around all day?
  12. Yes, and they do. Especially the ones in the glass showcases. :yes:
  13. ok, this may seem a bit silly, but the canvas monogram LVs...are those leather or canvas?

    Iask b/c i always thought it was leather, but the name was throwing me off... and b/c if it's not leather then i may change my mind about getting one as i prefer leather to other materials...

    i know we're discussing patinas here, but i'm not sure if you're talking about the trim or the whole bag... sorry i'm a lil confused!
  14. My blois bag which I have had for two years, came with a leather pad for the shoulder strap. It just slides on so I took it off because I like it better without. I kept that in the box, it is still light..not patina at all and the rest of the bag is very patina'd. So I kind of think that if its not exposed, it wont patina, but I agree with another poster who said it may be determined by the climate. I could see that..if I were in a humid climate, it may darken as opposed to somewhere where it is cooler. But mine did not darken at all.
  15. i don't like the patina at all, and as i've expressed many times, if there were a way to stop the process altogether, i'd give my life to do it :P