can i get that JUMBO sized??!!! pics~! =]

gucci lover

May 15, 2007
After thinking, eating, dreaming, sleeping, breathing about CHANEL for the past several months, it's finally here!!! :yahoo:I am soooooo happy and I just :heart: it. I had to work so hard to get it :graucho: haha, which meant... selling my gucci indy and LV neo cabby gm. I asked hubby if he would like to contribute to the chanel fund, and he ended up paying for half of it. Gosh, i love that man :love: so I still have some money left to play with :angel:. I purchased it last week from Saks NY and it just arrived a couple of hours ago. After hearing about the EGC event that Saks is having this week, i literally felt sick to my stomach. I phone them up and talked to my SA and asked if I could still participate. She called me back yesterday and said they can definately work something out and suggested that I purchase the Longchamp tote. Whew!! :sweatdrop: $400 GC on top of my purchase, how freaggin' cool is that?? I would have never known about all the little secrets of buying Chanel if it weren't for this forum. I saved $218 on taxes because I purchased from Saks NY and I also receive a gift card. All these little tricks are all due to all you wonderful ladies out here in the forum. :hugs:I'm so glad i was able to purchase it before the price increase. You guys are the best and I guess that's what this forum is all about. This is my first chanel and I'm already thinking about the next :Push: It's never ending but I appreciate the bag so much!! Enjoy the pics and I'm super happy to officially join the club!