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  1. Anyone with any experience with
    Timelessv0uge or looking_for_lux?
    I’m looking to purchase a resale item from timelessv0uge and possibly having looking_for_luxe source me an item.. any and all suggestions or experience is appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Timeless Vogue is a doll. I got my 17B Rose gold mini from her. And she's looking for something for me right now. Sandi is awesome.
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  3. Lallybelle, thank you for your reply!! I did not purchase, but I will in the future.. she was quick to respond, great communication and really helpful and kind!
  4. I have only sold through timelessv0gue and I found her to be unethical, sneaky and dishonest.

    Apparently my bag doesn’t worth much because it is not rare anymore (which I didn’t believe so but decided to take her words since she is the professional- so I thought).
    Mind you, whilst Chanel still producing the style, my colour combo with that kind HW has never been repeated - even to the day.

    The bag didn’t take long to sell and even at lower price than she originally quoted.
    I just wanted to sell the bag and get the money so I agreed because she said she has only received this offer.

    Low and behold, a couple of months after, the bag was relisted at exactly the same condition (protective films, imperfections, scuffs etc are exactly like my bag so I’m almost 100% certain it was the same bag = my bag).
    Further to my suspicion, the post of my bag when she was trying to sell was nowhere to be found anymore on her IG account (I could see it was deleted).

    And!!!!! She relisted it sooooo much higher than what she did for me!
    Again, the bag sold in less than two days!

    I guess it shows the popularity of the bag which is totally opposite to what she has claimed!!

    I asked her because I was really curious whether it was indeed my bag and if so, why she quoted me significantly lower.

    She confirmed it was the same bag and was so defensive and I felt all her responses to my questions sounded like excuses and most didnt even make sense!!! ...... (long correspondences) and at the end I told her that I was so disappointed for what she did.

    At the end she apologised and stated she was doing her other client (the buyer of my bag) a favour by selling it higher than she did for me so that the client wouldn’t loose much money!

    What kind of logic is that???
    ‘I’m not as valued client as she is to you??? ‘ - I asked her.

    I have lost more than $600 by trusting her that my bag is not rare or sought after!

    How I’m still so angry when telling this story shows I guess, that I still haven’t gotten over this whole thing.
    Since then I vowed I would never ever come close to such dishonest person like her!

    So I would not recommend her to even my worst enemy! :yucky:
  5. Totally unethical :sad: Sorry you had such a terrible experience
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  6. Thank you for your empathy and kind words!
    Meant a lot to me :flowers::hugs:
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  7. I also would like to know if anyone has purchased from looking_for_luxe on IG? 1 review on her IG and none on her FB from clients. Thank you!
  8. Hi. I was also looking at them, did you end up purchasing?
  9. I haven’t purchased anything from her, but I have made inquiries on a few of her items and she was always very responsive and patient in answering my questions.
  10. Anyone bought from the_story_of_luxe (Jin) before?
  11. Has anyone purchased from bagaholic_luxury??
  12. Yes. I have many times. Gail is great to work with.
  13. I’ve purchased many times with looking for lux. Gail is great to work with. Easy process and honest!!
  14. Mind sharing what the customs and shipping fees to Canada was like?
  15. Does anyone have any experience with @luxurytholic? I am looking to buy a bag from them. Would love to hear any experiences good and bag!
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