Butterflies and Blossoms Reveal!

  1. True, I really enjoy successful trips to the outlet, but it would be better for my (Coach!) wallet if they were less convenient for me, thanks!
  2. Wow, that was a fantastic deal - and you were kind of forced to buy 2 bags - it's totally not your fault! Thanks!
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  3. Thank you, I am looking forward to carrying her!
  4. Yes, yes I was forced!!!
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  5. OMG - love! :loveeyes:
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  6. I know! I totally didn't need this bag or the accessories but I fell in love and had no choice in the matter - and the great prices made it impossible to resist!
  7. I love the colour of your Nomad--it could easily be carried year round with the right weather conditions (no rain or snow). The floral strap is so pretty--just enough whimsy. I'm very fond of gardening so anything with flowers, butterflies and such I just adore. :flowers:
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  8. Thank you! Yes, it is a nice, neutral color. I think that the bag was originally released for Fall 2016 (can anyone confirm that?) but I plan to carry it as a Spring/Summer bag because we get very inclement winter weather in the Midwestern US. Also because the flowers (and the big butterfly!) make me think about warm weather.
  9. Katev, you really made out with the deals!!! I paid about $350 including tax for my willow nomad....I think I'm going to scope out my local outlet today:rolleyes: . The black nomad is stll calling my name.
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  10. Good luck! They also had the small Nolita floral applique bag in black and grey willow! Here are some spy pics from one of my local outlets yesterday (Aurora, IL):