Butterflies and Blossoms Reveal!

  1. Great haul--the bag is beautiful. I like how it's embellished but not over the top.
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  2. I DID see your outlet report, that's what I replied to above -- unless there's something additional that I missed. That sounds familiar to me to grab stuff and examine (aka "fondle") them, away from the hovering (but well meaning) staff. I'd be so overwhelmed with those bargain prices that I'd need time to compose myself -- having ADD doesn't help either. I mean your haul under $400 included a Nomad! It doesn't get much better than that.
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  3. Great items! Enjoy!
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    Thanks! And I know what you mean. I have looked at some Coach items that are heavily encrusted with floral appliques and I think that I would get tired of them quickly. This bag balances the embellishment against the plain, classic design very well, IMO. I don't think that I will ever get tired of her at all!
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  5. I know, the SAs kept coming over saying "Have you been helped? Do you need anything?" and all I could say is "I'm fine, thanks!" It wasn't very busy because it was really cold outside yesterday - so the SAs were even more determined to be helpful than usual. But I did ask the name of the most persistent SA so that I could give him the credit at checkout - I am usually quite okay on my own in a coach store - and I know when to ask for help! It is good that there is usually somebody nearby to assist you when you want help.
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  6. What a considerate gift, and what a lovey reveal post!! Love what you chose so much. Great taste.

    Is there a thread about factory stock?? Katev picked up such lovely goodies, but the closest outlet to me is three hours away!
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  7. Thank you! Too bad that your nearest outlet is so far away, my problem is that I have 2 outlets nearby! I would suggest doing some research first and picking out some items that are being reported currently at the outlets and note the names and style numbers. Then call your outlet, give them the style numbers and ask them to check. If they have anything you like, ask them to put it on hold for you. They will usually hold items for 48 hours. If it is something you really like you can ask to purchase it with your credit card over the phone to be picked up later. I find that the SAs are usually less busy early in the morning around the time they open - so that may be a good time to call. Good luck!
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  8. I did miss something in my report, they also had some large hologram totes at 50% off.
  9. Nice job finding all these lovelies and great prices! Score!
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  10. Wallet twins! That bag is stunning!
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  11. Thanks so much, I am really enjoying my new purchases!
  12. Thank you! How do you like the wallet? I'm not sure how I feel about the coarse texture; but I like the hardware, color, size, and construction of the wallet and it seems to go well with the bag and the fob. I haven't made up my mind about it yet.

    The drill down pic for this item looks very different from my wallet.
  13. That Willow Floral Nomad is gorgeous, I was just admiring it myself at Macy's today. And you got a fabulous deal on all that! It's a good thing that the closest outlets here require some time and planning to make the trip, otherwise I'd be broke.
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  14. Congrats on such great finds! Everything is lovely!

    I recently caught Lord and Taylor on a good day and bought both the black and the grey willow Nomads. They had a buy one sale item and get another one half off deal so I paid $430 for both! I was just as ecstatic as you. I couldn't believe I got them so cheap! They are such beautiful bags. I'm carrying my black one now and plan to use the grey one as a summer bag.

  15. Gorgeous items, love it all.
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