Butterflies and Blossoms Reveal!

  1. I received a very generous $300 Coach Gift Card from my DH for Christmas but I hadn't found anything that I wanted to buy, and I have been looking!

    But then I received the tiered outlet coupon in my inbox and things got more interesting. So yesterday I went to the outlet to see if they had anything good and I spent the entire gift card (plus some extra!) and used the max percentage coupon discount (25%) on a gorgeous bag and some lovely accessories! Want to see what I bought?!

    Here are some teaser pics, any guesses?
    teaser_001.jpg teaser_002.jpg teaser_004.jpg
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  2. First I will show you some smaller accessories that I purchased. The outlet had quite a few FP Delete Gloves in clearance very cheap, including some lovely oxblood, brown, and black colors. I didn't need any gloves but I was tempted. In the old days I would have bought some and gotten gift receipts "just in case" and saved them as potential gifts, but with the new, short return policy - I gave them a pass.

    Except I did pick up a pair of the Knit Tech Glove in Black (54987 BK) that you can use with your smart phone and other electronics. I didn't really need them but they were only $15.75 with the coupon (on sale for $21, reduced from $75) so how could I resist? I didn't!
    Knit_Tech_Gloves_001.jpg Knit_Tech_Gloves_002.jpg Knit_Tech_Gloves_77728_blk_a0.jpg
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    I also bought the 3D Butterfly Bag Charm 54987 BF FOR - which is very ironic, because just a few hours before I made this purchase I posted a thread on this forum expressing doubts about the new, large, expensive bag charms!

    I mentioned concerns about both the size and the high prices, but I did say that if I ever found a larger fob that I really liked at a cheap price I would probably buy it - and I did! The butterfly charm is large but not huge. It retailed for $125 and was on sale at the outlet for $29 but I got it for only $21.75 with the coupon - so again - I couldn't resist! Especially since I also bought a bag that works perfectly with this charm! And who can resist a butterfly?! Here are some pics of this beauty.
    Butterfly_3D_001.jpg Butterfly_3D_002.jpg Butterfly_3D_003.jpg Butterfly_54987_bkfor_a0.jpg Butterfly_3D_Ad.jpg
  4. And the last accessory that I got was the Hologram Mercer Accordion Zip Wallet 55802 DK LH9 for $103.12 (retail price = $275, on sale for $137.50). I still have some doubts about this wallet. I'm not crazy about the coarse texture. I think someone on TPF described it as "elephant hide" and I can see what they meant. On the other hand, it seems to go well with the butterfly charm and my new bag - so I may keep it. Here are some photos.
    Hologram_Mercer_AccordianZip_004.jpg Hologram_Mercer_AccordianZip_002.jpg Hologram_Mercer_AccordianZip_003.jpg Hologram_Mercer_AccordianZip_55802_Interior.jpg
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  5. Now it is time for the main attraction but there doesn't seem to be anyone around for a reveal! I will give it a few minutes and then come back to show off my lovely new bag!
  6. Beautiful items. I like the butterfly charm a lot. My guess in the bag is -- don't think it can be at the outlet yet but the beechwood nomad with the floral handle? Close?
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  7. Very close! I bought the Grey Birch Willow Floral Nomad 55543 DK C2J with the embellished handle and black leather lining for $215.63 (retail = $575, on sale at the outlet for 50% off = $287.50.) They also had it in black with the brown interior.

    I already have some hobo bags in this color palette so I tried to resist but I couldn't! Here are some photos of my new beauty! It is a difficult color to photograph so I used sunlight, but the shadows and reflections were problematic!

    I will show some photos of the bag with the butterfly charm and the hologram wallet next!
    Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_001.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_002.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_003.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_004.jpg
  8. Let's see! I love things so far.
    : we posted at the same time.
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  9. Here are photos of my new willow floral grey birch nomad 55543 with the 3D butterfly charm 54987 and the hologram mercer accordion zip wallet 55802; what do you think of the ensemble? I also found that the bag compliments some of my new Coach jewelry pieces, I will show that next!
    Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_005.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_007.jpg Nomad_GreyBirch_WillowFloral_008.jpg
  10. Ooh so pretty! That's the one I was thinking of but couldn't remember the name of the color (think it only came in Black and this grey birch color right?). I can't believe it's at the outlet already -- sweet deal you got. This is quite pretty. The butterfly charm looks great -- not too big. Congrats and enjoy!
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  11. I like rings and I recently (pre-Christmas) picked up 2 Coach rings at the outlets at great prices. I never think about picking jewelry to go with a bag, but I feel that these items are very complimentary with my new grey birch willow floral nomad. The 2 rings are the Daisy Rivet Cocktail Ring 54975 GD SV, purchased for $33.59 and the Tea Rose Pearl Ring Set 90992 SV GD for $28.50, here are some pics with my new bag!
    DaisyRivetRing_GreyNomad.jpg DaisyRivetRing_GreyNomad_2.jpg TeaRoseRing_GreyBirch_Nomad.jpg
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    Finally, here are some professional pics of my new bag from the internet. I really love this bag and can hardly wait to carry her, but it is still winter here in the Midwest and I think that I will save her and carry her as my new Easter bag. Does anyone know when this bag was originally released?
    WillowFloral_Ad_001.jpg WillowFloral_Ad_002.jpg WillowFloral_Ad_003.jpg WillowFloral_Ad_004.jpg WillowFloral_Ad_005.jpg WillowFloral_Ad_006.jpg
  13. The total retail value of the 4 items I bought at the outlet yesterday was $1050 and I got them all for just $356.25, a savings of $693.75. I love finding beautiful bargains at the outlet!

    After tax the total bill was $385.64, so with my gift card I only spent $85.64, it was a totally guilt-free shopping spree! I love it!


  14. This has to be THE best presentation of a Fabulous Haul in a long time! :clap:

    To get all those goodies for under $400 is so impressive!! :happydance:

    Enjoy!! :clap:
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  15. I know, it was great! There hasn't been much at the outlet for quite awhile but I suppose the coupon and the decent supply of FP deletes are for Valentines Day- but it was okay with me, I couldn't stop smiling while I shopped! I kept grabbing items and taking them over to a quiet corner to examine them - my arms were bulging! See the link below for my outlet report, they had some good selections, especially if you have the coupon.

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