Butter London Nail Lacquer


Aug 24, 2010
OMgoodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE Butter London nail polish! It is so amazing. It has no formaldehyde, no toluene and no DBP! It stays on for about 2 weeks and the colour is wonderful. I got it in Teddy Girl and it is a light pink and is so cute!
Agree (for the main solid colors).

However, I purchase one color that had big glitter in it and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO difficult to remove! I mean incredibly difficult to the point that I had to scratch the glitter off my finger nails as nail polish wouldn't take them off. This might just be for the very large glitter ones though.
I have 3 of them: Yummy Mummy, All Hail The Queen and Henley Regatta. The first two are great for the office, even AHTQ as a very subtle nude holo. I love that they dry faster than the average polish, have a high gloss finish without topcoat, smell relatively inoffensive with the smell disappearing fast and are long wearing. Now I sound like an advertisement haha. If only they were cheaper to get to Austria...
I've noticed that the Butter London polishes don't quite 'smell' like nail polish. Maybe it's just me. I've loved all the colors I have by them except for No More Waity, Katie. That was an utter disappointment.
had to take a break from Butter.. my nails were becoming very dry...and their
nail polish remover wasn't working for me nor the base coat....

I've found that the base coat that works best overall for any brand of polish I have is Nubar's sticky base coat. For the nail polish remover, I use Sally Beauty Supply's acetone remover, however it's the pink based one. It's still nearly 100% acetone, but they've added something to it so it doesn't give you a headache and not want to wretch when you use it.
I have two Butter polishes that I love, Minger and British Racing Green. DH loves them because they match two of our cars, lol. I'd heard stories of them chipping easy, but my manis last a full two weeks with no chips and I'm not exactly careful with my hands.
just search on youtube for "nail polish foiling" on how to remove glittery nail polish! I just discovered this the other day. amazing really.