Butter London Nail Lacquer

Has anyone seen the new Holiday Scent Polish Remover from Butter? I NEED it!!! It comes in Branwen's Berries, Pumpkin Warrior, Sergeant Peppermint. I'm such a sucker for anything to do with the Holiday's though!
Yah I don't really think it compares against essie and opi. I really like the colors but for some reason butter just doesn't last as long even with a good top coat. Plus its even more expensive than both those other brands
I love butter London's colors, and have had fun trying some of the different ones. I got the backstage basics kit, and really like the base coat as well. At far as the top coat, it may work for others, but my job is super hard on my nails and it doesn't protect them as much as I'd like. The powder room polish remover is not something I'm a fan of--i hate the way it smells and it hasn't really worked that well for me. So, I'm looking into other brands of top coat, but will continue to buy butter london lacquers!