Butter London Nail Lacquer

Butter doesn't last on me either... think they when they removed the "3"

whatever they put it as a replacement, just doesn't work...

I love the colors but the nail polish itself has given me issues with my nails

that are taking a time to rebound
I've noticed my butters are pretty goopy out of the bottle lately.
As far as chipping, I use Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat and two coats of the lacquer (so four coats all together), and I see chips after about a full seven days. I'm hard on my hands, and I like changing my polish weekly, so that works for me.
Recently purchased my first Butter - All Hail the Queen - from Nordie's. I was very impressed! The color was lovely and it lasted almost two weeks with an Essie base and top coat. Can't wait to try a few more colors!!
OMgoodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE Butter London nail polish! It is so amazing. It has no formaldehyde, no toluene and no DBP! It stays on for about 2 weeks and the colour is wonderful. I got it in Teddy Girl and it is a light pink and is so cute!
I have 2 of these (so far) and I have to say the application is one of the nicest I've found of any polish I've used.
I really love my two Butters that I own! Application is nice and the polish lasts for up to a week. I've never tried the top coat or base, but I've been eyeing their Matte Top Coat, however I don't want to get it without reading a few reviews first.

Right now the Nordstrom promo is killing me - Buy 2 Butters, get a third free. It's calling my name!
Butter London polishes are probably the best I've tried so far! There's minimal chipping (colors have lasted 6-7 days for me) and I love how fast drying they are. For anyone looking for a perfect red polish, Saucy Jack is a GORGEOUS red that compliments lots of skin tones. If you are looking for a more muted, not so "wow, look at my nails" color, then Toff is really nice too. La Moss is another one of my favorites - it's a lovely vampy dark blood red.
I would also suggest trying Butter London's topcoat. I usually use Seche Vite, but I didn't like that I would get different results every time I put it on (for example, it would shrink the polish, change the color, or made my polish peel the next day). Butter London's topcoat is definitely pricey :cray:, but I'm glad I tried it because it gives a nice shine, dries pretty fast, and I think it has helped make the polish last longer on my nails. :tup:
Sorry, I could go on and on and on about how much I love this polish! :blush:
I absolutely love this brand. I've gotten 15 or so colors from them and love them all!

I've had no application issues, brushes are all good, and the colors are fantastic.
I've been on the edge of whether to try Butter London or not... this was just the push to encourage me :graucho::biggrin: I've not had good experiences with Orly and I'm not the biggest fan of OPI... so I shall see how this goes