***brandedlover's collection***

  1. Oh handbag addict, you made me :shame:... I don't have the new chanel lines yet. Yours are fabs! How do you like your copacobana btw? I have it in monogram. Isn't it a real cute bag? And, thank you for the lovely comment :flowers:
  2. Great collection.
  3. Thank you, theglamorous :flowers:

    I will post the rests when I have a chance, hopefully soon.
  4. really really love your collection!!! how long have u been a collector?
  5. you have a very impressive chanel collection:smile:
  6. Thank you, chiaoapple & charlotte!!!:flowers:

    I started to have designer bags when I was 16, so it's been 22 years:smile:
  7. Wow! So many Chanels! They're very beautiful; thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  8. Wow! cant say you dont love Chanel :graucho:
  9. Giiiiirrrrlll likes her chanel!
  10. I blacked out for a minute...after viewing the most fabulous collection of Chanels that I have ever seen!!!! I love them all...they are so different...but I really love the white box one!!!
  11. Beautiful is all I can say!!
  12. bernz84, sabster, j'aime_vuitton, annemerick, and SweetCaroline86... Thank you all for the lovely comments! :flowers:
  13. Your Chanel Collection is fabulous!
  14. Oh my Chanel!, I love your collection!.
  15. Thank you, tiffany and Jadore!!!:heart: Yes, chanel is my fave, but I do love other designers too, especially after joining this wonderful forum. So many beautiful bags around... love them most:yes: