***brandedlover's collection***

  1. Just want to share with everyone.

    I would like to start w/ my chanels collection... they are old though :shame: but I :heart::heart::heart:

    (still don't know how to watermark - have tried but didn't work :crybaby:)
  2. More...
    gold chains.jpg
  3. More & More...
    silver chains.jpg
  4. More & More & More...

    I couldn't post them at once, really wonder :shrugs:. But I guessed, maybe, b/c each files is too big. It just didn't work... well...
  5. And, more...:shame:
    small.jpg misc 1.jpg
  6. More again...
    misc 2.jpg
  7. Almost there...
    misc 3.jpg
  8. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous:love: . You sure do love your chanel handbags:smile:
  9. :yahoo:Finally..., here's the last pic
    misc 4.jpg
  10. Thank you... They are my other babies after my 2 years old princess :smile:
  11. Amazing Chanel collection, love it!!!
  12. omg you have so many chanels! beautiful! i did not even see one i didnt like! :love: your daughter is gonna be soooo lucky one day ;)
  13. Great collection! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Ok.....you're officially the Chanel queen!!!!!
  15. Amazing bags!!!!! I would sooo love to have your collection!!