Bought a little goodie today - help me! LOL!

  1. On a whim I went into my local Coach store today. It's next to LImited Too which my DD wanted to go in but we stopped in Coach first.
    I asked about the skull charm because I'm dying for one and then saw an adorable scarf tied on a bag. Next thing I know I buying it and leaving and I have no idea how to tie it!:lol: It's an oblong scarf, do you tie these on your bags or use them as a hair accessory?
    Enlighten this coach ignoramus:p
    Here's a pic, plus I'm including my most perfect shade of red ever seen Coach gloves from last winter and my cute keychain I picked up this summer:
    IMG_0948.jpg IMG_0949.jpg IMG_0960.jpg IMG_0968.jpg IMG_0976.jpg
  2. Swanky that scarf is so pretty! I am a pushover for the ocelot print! :love:

    It should be pretty versatile - you can tie it in a bow or knot it on your bag, you can tie it as a headband, tie it around your neck, or if you are thinner than I am, you might even be able to use it as a belt.

    Just play with it and find what works best for you. :yes:

    (Love those red gloves btw - that color is TDF!)
  3. :lol:Wooo Hooo!! Welcome girlfriend!! You've got some adorable goodies there:nuts:.
    Most of us here use our scarfs as a bow on our bags. Usually the ponytail scarfs which are long and a bit more narrower than yours, but you can get yours in a fluffy bow too!:yes: Dont be a stranger love. Come back and visit us when you get your hot lil' bow on your purse!;)
  4. Mmmmm! I want that Ocelot scarf! I think I'm going to get the pony tail scarf instead, at the Coach store I was at they had the Oblong scarf tied to a Carly and it just was too big for my liking, but its still gorgeous!
  5. hmmm, this comes in a ponytail scarf too?
    Maybe I need that instead? I've never been a scarf on the bag kinda gal.

  6. Awesome, swanky! It's great to see you here! I love that scarf! I'm not much of a scarf gal but the ocelot scarf has me thinking that I may need to change that! (I love the tattersall one too!) The pony tail scarves are a little easier to manage than the bigger ones, IMHO. Did you get your skull keyfob? Also, I love those red gloves! They are gorgeous! I have red leather gloves too but not Coach! If I didn't already have my current red ones, I'd be buying a Coach pair! Some day!
  7. no:hysteric:
    I'll never get that stinkin' keychain!
    It's at the outlets isn't it, if you can even find it?
  8. Congrats Amanda!!!!! You should have came to Houston... I was working today!
  9. Love the scarf. Congrats!
  10. I heart ocelot. Even though it isn't H, many of the ladies there are very proficient at tying different types of scarves...

    I saw a picture of someone in a wardrobe thread who tied an oblong scarf around her neck to look like a necklace, over a cardigan and jeans. It looked really cute!

    I'm getting the H scarf booklet in the mail from someone and I'd be happy to share some of the tips inside if any would apply!
  11. does this come in a "ponytail" scarf?
  12. Swank:
    Yes, the ocelot is made in a pony scarf as well,
    and the skull keyfob is at stores/online!!! :smile:
  13. oh no! MY BAD! I meant skull charm!! They had one keyfob left, I want the charm!

    Thanks, I may go and exchange my oblong for a ponytail scarf!:biggrin:
  14. I think the charm has been sold out for a long time now.. they go for crazy prices on eBay. :tdown: