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Jun 16, 2019
Just wanted to share my organiser that came today - I decided to go with one on Etsy and it’s perfect! I got a lighter color so I could see my things better, couldn’t be happier. It’s felt, not too thick but not too thin, and I’m loving the zipper pocket.
The Etsy store was divitize and shipping from Italy to Australia took just under two weeks.
What size is your book tote and what size organiser did you get?

Thanks!;looks great


I want! I want!
Jan 15, 2006
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Jul 28, 2008
That’s gorgeous. I’m bummed about needing two Dior twillies for handles if I get a book tote - nearly $1000 here( I know they don’t HAVE to be Dior
but I’d like them to be☺)
Thanks ! I thought it was the small but it’s the medium size. I felt the same way since I have H twillys but since the dior mitzahs are so cute, I just went ahead and got 2. And won’t repurchase.
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Dec 27, 2021
Hello everyone! Proud to say that this is my very first post on this form, and of course it had to be under the Dior thread. It seems like I’ve moved on from Chanel and have found a new obsession (oops?)

I recently purchased my very first Dior bag— the Book Tote, as a Christmas present for myself. However, I couldn’t seem to find the authenticity card that usually comes with a lot of my other bags. Do Dior bags usually come with authenticity cards? Thanks!

Hi again everyone! A little update on my previous post: I returned to the store where I bought the bag, explained the situation to my SA, and she was able to give me a authenticity card then and there! All solved!

ps. if anyone's shopping in London, I'd recommend the Dior Bond Street store for a guaranteed great experience!