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  1. #1 Jul 18, 2018
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    Book Tote personalization at Harrods pop-up

    Exciting news !
  2. this is awesome! i've seen some book totes with celeb names and thought they extra
  3. IMG_7447.jpg

    Pretty cool
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  4. Behind-the-scenes from the FW2018 campaign
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. This is so cool! Thanks for posting!

    I’m crazy about this tote but in the pics I’ve seen with people carrying it, the tote looks so big!

    What do you all think? I’m 5’3” btw.

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  6. The tote is big, but not more so than a shopping canvas bag. I think its size is appropriate for the style.
  7. Does anyone know the price on the personalised tote?
    And is anyone using as a hand luggage bag?
  8. I am 5.2 and on me it's too big. I've tried it a few times in the boutique and it looked too big for me to buy it. I love the look of the tote though and the stitching is beautiful. Try it in the boutique and decide for yourself. I think it also depends on your frame (I am quite petite) and your personal preference on bag sizes. Good luck!
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  9. Has anyone found a good insert organiser for the Book Tote? The ones that I see are too wide at the bottom. And it desperately needs one, just not functional without it
  10. E2D27A10-1065-456D-9DA9-F8BF6C279D6D.jpeg There’s a lovely article about the book tote in Dior magazine- it says one tote takes “more than 37 hours of work and more than one million five hundred thousand stitches”!
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  11. They could have made a few thousand more stitches and make a pocket inside
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  12. I spoke with my local store in the US and apparently in January they will have the customization option available. There will be a waitlist and once the bag arrives they will send it to NY to get customized.
  13. Oh my gosh, hopefully this ends up happening! I will definitely be getting a book tote then :biggrin:
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  14. Totally...I wish I had known about the Harrods pop up shop. Did anyone know about this and took advantage of ordering? Please let us know.
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  15. Anyone else have any update on the custom book tote?
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