blonde hair and brown eyes is it even a genetic possiblity

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  1. my best friend is blonde with brown eyes. Pretty
  2. Genetics are so fun! Both of my parents have dark brown eyes, mine are true green. I have the same coloring as my grandma.
  3. Interesting thread. I am a natural blonde (very dark/dirty's quite ashy) with brown eyes. Was very very blonde as a child.I dye my hair brown though since it looks much better with a richer color and it matches my darker eyebrows! My dad had black hair and my mother very dark brown, both brown eyes. The blonde comes from my mother's side where there are blondes and red heads scattered about!
  4. I am natually blonde with dark brown eyes so it is possible :cray:
  5. I didn't know we were so rare either. lol.
    I have natural blonde hair and dark brown eyes, so it is possible. I'm mostly Scottish, Irish, and Italian, though. I'm guessing the blonde hair's from the Scottish and Irish and the dark eyes are Italian.
  6. My cousin has blonde hair brown eyes, so it's possible especially when mixing different races...
  7. My whole family is blonde with brown eyes! Except me (blonde with green eyes).
  8. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I think it's fairly common. I find this to be a really odd question.
  9. I was born with bleach blonde hair and I have very deep brown eyes. It hasn’t lightened very much with age. I thought it was more common actually
  10. Blondes can have any colour eyes, brown included.
  11. my daughter hast blond hair ( inherited from me) and brown eyes ( from her Daddy).
  12. My nephew has white blond hair and brown eyes. I know he dosen’t dye his hair. He’s three. :giggle: