blonde hair and brown eyes is it even a genetic possiblity

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  1. Just looking a hairstyles on the net for inspiration and a pic of Jessica Simpson came up. Iv read numerous times that she doesn't actually dye her whole hair, she just gets highlights. But i always thought that natural blondes (all shades of the spectrum) had bluey/greeny eyes? Anyone know for certain?
  2. Heeeey Sass!

    Absolutely - I work with a brown-eyed blonde now and I went to school with two of 'em when I was a kid - it shows up especially when people are kids, as blondes tend to get darker as they get older.

    It's probably more common than you think!
  3. Not true. Both characteristics are manifested by different alleles altogether.
  4. Thats what I thought Vogue! I studied stuff like this in class recently and we discussed the whole blonde and blue/green eyed stuff. Ive never see anyone with brown eyes who is a natural blonde. Plenty of fake blondes though!
  5. idk since my older sister and brother are blondes and they both have blue eyes(my brothers is blue with green in it...)
  6. my two year old daughter is blonde with golden brown eyes. We most certainly do not dye her hair!
  7. Well Jessica had blonde hair as a child and then it got darker, so she does highlight it but it's all over her head so she might as well be dying it.

    And yeah, I don't think I've ever seen a blonde w/ brown eyes but I'm sure they exist.
  8. Absolutely we exist! My eyes are def. brown and my hair was very very blonde when I was young, but as I have gotten older, like a lot of blondes it has gotten darker to where it's now a dark/dirty blonde-light brown color. I would still consider myself a brown-eyed blonde, though.
  9. Eye and hair color are not dependent on one another. Genetics are a little bit more complicated than "if you have blonde hair then you probably have blue or green eyes" !
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    This is an interesting topic. Blonde hair and blue eyes are genetically linked. Brown eyes and blonde hair are not and have a lesser statistically likehood.
  11. Go to Italy sometime. You'll see plenty of natural blondes with brown eyes.
  12. Yes! a co-worker of mine has daughter with brown eyes and blonde hair, and they don't dye it! She's only 6!
  13. Hmm I've never actually seen an adult with brown eyes and naturally blonde hair. But, the actress Leighton Meester has said she's a natural blonde and she has really dark brown eyes.
  14. My mother had the most palest blonde hair possible almost looked white it was soo light and she has brown eyes. but this maybe due to inter-racial mixing ..hehe
  15. My little sister has blonde hair and brown eyes