blonde hair and brown eyes is it even a genetic possiblity

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  1. my DD also has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She also has dark, thick eyelashes.
  2. I have a son (3) and a daughter (11) who are brown-eyed blondes. My son is light blonde and as my daughter has gotten older her hair changes - it is very blonde in the summer and a dark/dirty blonde in the winter. I have brown hair and brown eyes and my husband has blonde hair and green eyes.
  3. I've never seen an adult who had naturally true blonde hair (I'm not talking about dark blonde...) and dark brown eyes.
    Many kids have blonde hair and dark eyes though, but I guess that's not what the OP meant...
  4. I have natural blonde hair and brown eyes, so yeah it is possible.
  5. I do! Used to be very very pale but now it's a dirty blonde, especially during the winter. During the summer it gets pretty light. My eyes are a golden yellow brown...not to light not to dark. My dad had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, mom had blonde hair green eyes. My son was born with bleach blonde hair and emerald green eyes. They are now brown with a pale green ring and he's 11.
  6. I am a natural blonde with brown eyes. Like many that have posted, I was a much lighter blonde as a child and then as a teenager my hair became more dirty blonde. My dad is blonde with blue eyes and my mom is a brunette with brown eyes, so, I got the combo. My eyelashes actually stayed a really light blonde just like when I was a kid, which is kind of annoying because I need to wear mascara or you can't seem them pretty much at all.
  7. I don't think its impossible just not as common as blonde hair/blue eyes.

    My mom has black hair and hazel/brown eyes and my dad has red hair and blue eyes. I was born with a full head of brown hair which all fell out and grew back blonde. My hair stayed blonde as a child but gradually got darker as i got older. Now I'm light brown with reddish undertones and my hair tends to get lighter in the summer from the sun. My eyes are medium/golden brown. My brother has the same eyes and skin color but his hair has always been a deep brown...
  8. My daughter had dark brown eyes and blonde hair and like others have mentioned it gets very light in the summer but even in the winter it is still blonde .. I for one have dark brown hair and blue eyes and was told that this was not common either ..
  9. I am naturally blonde and have very dark brown eyes... Of course im not a platinum blonde.. dont know why but people call my hair dish water blonde but i guess its similar to Jessica Simpsons color..
  10. I have dark blonde hair that was straw-blonde as a kid. I also have light brown eyes, so yes, it's a possibility. It definitely isn't common though. FYI I hilite my hair every 3 months to brighten it up but that's it...and it's definitely blonde (as are the tips of my eyelashes...bummer!)
  11. Same here. My hair was very light blonde when I was a child, but started to get darker when I was about 7 or 8. It's now a dark blonde color. It is kind of odd that most brown-eyed, blonde-haired children end up with darker blonde hair and it doesn't stay light blonde. I wish mine would have!
  12. When I was small I had light blonde, curly hair and dark brown eyes. It looked cute, especially because I've always tanned easily and spent a lot of time outdoors.

    By the time I was in my late teens, my hair throughout the years had turned a dark brown and was a straight as a yardstick. I don't color it, and it has such a nice sheen to it.

    My dad was blond and blue-eyed, my mom had dark hair and dark eyes, olive-toned skin. Perhaps that's the reason for the blonde hair in childhood, and turning so dark later?
  13. It is! I'm proof. But I have no idea how that happened because my overall complexion is dark-my eyes,my skin(olive)... I just dye my hair brown, it looks very unnatural with blond hair. The exact opposite.
  14. Blonde hair and brown eyes do exist, but you don't see as many of them as brunettes with brown eyes and blondes with blue or green eyes for sure.
  15. My husband has brown eyes and blonde hair.