Black diamond engagement rings?

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  1. I'm new here but I love it! :smile: Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys thought of black diamond engagement rings? Maybe with a regular white diamond setting? I'm not going to be getting engaged anytime in the near future but I've been thinking about a black diamond engagement ring for a while now and was wondering if it would be 'cool' or if others would think it was lame...I just love black diamonds and how sparkly they are. Plus, my boyfriend could afford to buy me a pretty big one (maybe 2+ carats) since they're less expensive and (I think, just as cool). I figured if I got sick of it maybe when we have more money we could upgrade it to a white diamond! But I don't even think I'd get sick of it! lol

  2. welcome to tPF!!! :heart:

    don't know about an engagement ring, but i wear a pendant necklace everyday that has both black diamonds and white diamonds, and it's beautiful.

    i'd be curious to see what a larger black diamond would look like though.

    do you have any pics by chance?
  3. SURE DO! Here are some that I thought were kind of interesting!

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  4. Oh and is your pendant a heart? I have a reversible heart necklace w/ blk diamonds and white ones. my boyfriend also bought me a ring last year that looks like the attachment to this post...its super pretty and I always get tons of compliments

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  5. i love black diamonds... it would make a very unique engagement ring, but will it stand the test of time? you may want to go with a classic white diamond and save the black diamond for something else.

    as for me, my hubby agreed to let me have a black diamond channel band as my wedding ring. i love it!
  6. I would consider maybe putting black diamonds in your wedding band, you know, kind of like a white diamond/sapphire combo, but instead you can make it white diamonds and black diamonds.

    For the actual engagement ring, however, I would use a regular diamond---black just has kind of negative conotation for me!
  7. i like unique rings. my wedding ring is Swavorski crystals, i know it isnt as expensive as a huge diamond, but i love it. So to me thats all that matters
  8. Sure, why not? It's your ring and you have to love it!
  9. My cousins wedding ring is an alexandrite.
  10. Welcome to tPf! You may want to search the archive--There is another thread on this from a few years ago with really nice pictures--if I remember correctly!
  11. The black diamond rings you show are beautiful. Get whatever stone you want for your engagement ring!
  12. I know someone who has a black diamond center stone engagement ring. The shank is alternating black and white diamonds, in a fashion similar to the Tiffany Bubbles design. The center stone is a small black diamond, but the ring as a whole is very unique and quite lovely.

    Her wedding band matches the shank of her e-ring, and the set is so interesting. I love looking at it!

    My point is, get the ring you want, regardless of the center stone. You're the one wearing it, so it really only matters whether you love it or not. I ADORE my light blue diamond, and I don't know that I would love my ering as much if it held a conventional white diamond.
  13. I am a traditionalist, so I say no. But then again, it's not my ring! If you enjoy it (seems like you're set on it), then get it! Because you know that you'll adore it forever!
  14. I love the idea of color in an engagment ring. It is my understanding that engagment rings in Europe have colors in the engagment rings.
  15. oh, those pictures are gorgeous! i could definitely see wearing one as an engagement ring. why not? it's your ring.