Birkin 35 Officier Need Honest Opinion

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  1. In the end I re-homed the Birkin Officier. Thank you for all your valuable opinions.
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  2. #32 Nov 8, 2018
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    24 hours door to How very fortunate that you could locate a buyer in such blistering speed.
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  3. Happy ending
    End of this thread haha
  4. I really like it!
  5. Wow! That was fast!
  6. Damn haha that was fast! Hope you made a profit since it’s a new and rarer design OP!
  7. Perhaps the purpose of the thread was to show that it was available for purchase?
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  8. Love this combo
  9. My friend’s Uncle bought the bag. Unfortunately in order to unload it I lost a couple of thousands. Expensive lesson learned. I think any future Birkin purchases I will make sure to do research on Purse Forum prior to placing my credit card chip in the machine. Once again thank you all for your input.
  10. It is too late now for the original purpose of the thread. But just want to share in case anyone is interested in this. I saw a blue nuit birkin with vert cypress stripes in person. I honestly didn’t think I would be interested not to mention liking it. I had to admit after a few seconds, I kind like it. After I tried it on, I actually love it! This combo is subtle IMO and adds a bit touch without losing the elegance of blue nuit. The inside is lined with vert cypress chèvre, just like the normal birkin unless under certain lighting. Just my 2 cents to share.
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