Birkin 35 Officier Need Honest Opinion

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  1. I was offered & purchased a Birkin 35 Officier in Blue Nuit with Vert Cypress interior. I love Blue Nuit but am a little unsure of the Vert Cypress stripes. Pictures # 1&2 are under natural light. Thoughts...
    B461299F-0191-40D3-98BA-AB614B90385E.jpeg 73F5A6AD-48E4-416D-8FDE-E0969C1EB088.jpeg BDA4FC82-A7A2-4492-B7D5-4141B4F9F8C5.jpeg
  2. I am not a fan of the cypress stripes either, but ur birkin is beautiful.maybe a different stripes color will be better?
  3. I know there are folks here who don't like the Officier but I think it's super cool and this is a great color combo.
  4. Hi @Angel3, I am also hesitating on a B30 Gold/Jaune Ambre Officier! I am still unsure of this design but I love dual color and Gold is a great neutral bag. My HG is still a Barenia but we are close to year end and my SA offered me alternative to that. Am still thinking. Sorry, I’m not helping you but just sharing your unsure
  5. If you’re unsure, listen to your gut........
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  7. Hi! I m a long time lurker and i post sporadically. Can't help offering my opinion on this topic, i was also offered a Birkin Officier 30 in Vert Cypress with Blue Zellige stripes, i brought my B30 Blue Nuit verso for direct comparison. IMO, my bag looked a lot more elegant. I passed on the Officier
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  8. I don't like the Officier. I would wait for what you really want.
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  9. You need to ask yourself, do you really love the bag. If you don’t please don’t settle for less because it will sit in the closet and you will regret the buy. Only buy if you feel it’s the bag you want. If you’ve been offered this bag you will be offered another bag, when that’s up to the SA. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
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  10. No officier for me
    Any combo no no
    As for you which you not sure
    Stripe or vert cypress ?
    Stripe?then pls pass this model immediately no 2nd thought needed
    Green?hmm take time to love it?only minority of it majority is blue nuit
    Convince yourself this is a package of beautiful blue nuit
    Which is slowly resting soon
    On the side note
    Cypress Seriously is not that unacceptable
    A Very subtle color
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  11. +1 I’m with you on this, I think it’s very pretty!
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  12. I think it looks great and elevates it from a everyday one.
  13. I would say only you can decide, but listen to your gut. These bags are expensive so you should love whatever you buy.

    My DH was offered a Birkin Officier as a gift for me and passed. The more I look at pictures of the Officier next to classic Birkins, the less the contrast stripes appeal to me personally.
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  14. Since you own it already and are using it, it's no longer a matter of buy/don't buy. (Some posters seem to have missed that.) So to what end are you seeking opinions? What's the question?
  15. I think the color combo and the design is gorgeous!