Beyond the Rack

  1. What's sad about this post is that you are OK with receiving damaged merchandise simply because you are glad to have received anything. Since when is this ok? In any other situation, a buyer would not be satisfied with receiving merchandise that is damaged or not as described; however, in the case of BTR, the buyer feels so lucky to have received anything at all, that they don't mind receiving damaged goods. How does this make sense, ladies? BTR should be shut down. Period.
  2. Aw no, that sucks. I'm glad you were able to get your money back though!

    I sent BTR an email today requesting that the money be refunded back onto my credit card, seeing as they themselves told me that my order hadn't even arrived at their warehouse yet, let alone be mailed out to me, so that shouldn't be a problem. Hearing the horror stories, though, I am preparing myself to head to the bank next to see how I would go about getting my money back.

    BTR really needs to be shut down! You'd think with so many people filing complaints with their banks by now that they would be! Another concern is what they do with our banking information, seeing how shady their business ethics are... ARGH.

  3. Be prepared to go directly through your bank - that is all I will say. ;)

    Well, complaints that are filed directly through one's personal bank will not get a company shut down. I'm not sure who exactly to file a complaint through re: BTR because they are based out of QC.
  5. a lot of great deals/sales on U.S websites aren't worth it after calculating shipping rates, time, and then possible customs fees on top of's a shame that a canadian-based company like BTR has such poor service! :tdown:
  6. I was initially excited when I heard of BTR because they were in Canada. I made my 1st purchase on Feb 2nd (pair of BCBG boots), and guess what? NOTHING. I checked my account on their website and my item hasn't even been shipped despite the fact they charged my CC right away. I sent an email today, and am VERY likely to ask for a charge back based on FRAUD of they don't respond soon with a reasonable reply. You would think that the CC companies would investigate eventually after so many unhappy customers.

    I found this forum when I googled for BTR experiences. So far the news is BAD. I also found this, which made me laugh--it's the background on the so-called succesful company.
  7. I ordered something in late Nov, and placed another order a few days later. Got the 2nd order JUST before Christmas (took about 1 month), but I had so much hassle with the first order. They gave me a tracking number, but the package had "no movement" since Dec 8. Email BTR, gave me another tracking number that wasn't even my order (lol). I don't think they even read my email carefully. So "I" gave "them" back with the "correct tracking number" and asked what happened. Again, I don't think they even checked with FedEx. Gave me another excuse saying that FedEx was prob. busy with Christmas mailing and it should be on the way. Waited another week, still no movement. Contacted FedEx US, got forwarded to FedEx CA, in the meantime BTR said because the order was big, the package was prob. stuck in US customs, it would prob. be cleared in a few more days. Finally FedEx CA said they tried contacting the BTR because there was some paper work missing, so they asked me to contact the shipper to contact FedEx to complete the paper work otherwise the package would return to the shipper. (Confused yet?)... BTR just kept lying and lying and didn't do anything to follow up! I forwarded this info to BTR, the next day the tracking said the package went to NY (instead of going to me - Ontario). So again, more contacting to see what was going to happen. Email BTR, waited another week, no answer. Finally called CS after new year, confirmed that it was returned to their NY warehouse and shipped the same day. That they were right, I got the package the next day- that would be Jan 5. I guess I shouldn't complain, it was a large order and I should be "thankful" that I got it! (yeah, sad!)

    Story didn't end yet, some items weren't prefect. Color was faded (like an used item), so I returned it and I DID get store credit back about 2 weeks later. By the way, I saw all the very same items that I returned got listed again and sold in their Jan blowout sale. I've been trying to see what I can buy with these store credits and finally place 2 more orders in early Feb (about 1 week apart). Now for BOTH orders I receive email saying "We wanted to advise you that your order for xyz has yet to arrive at our warehouse." sigh...

    Since credit card was charged so long ago (in Nov), and I was just using store credits for these recent orders, I guess the CC company won't be able to do anything.
    Just sooo much hassle, not worth it!
  8. I'm really sorry to hear about all of your bad experiences. At least we aren't alone. I hope this thread really helps people before they purchase from BTR. It is SO not worth the deals. They can't even provide correct tracking numbers. I am nervous that they have my CC number and who knows what they will do with it? The whole company seems shady.
  9. That makes sense. I wasn't too sure how these things work. I would also be curious to see who one would have to file a formal complaint with in regards to such a badly run company.

    Oh, I am prepared, lol. Delightful experience this has been...

    Well I received an email from BTR today in response to my initial email asking for an estimate on how long it would take for my order to arrive. They sent me - cue suspenseful music - the FedEx tracking number of DOOOM! I guess this is to pacify me into believing that my package is at last finally on its way.

    The thing that confuses me is that it says my package is waiting in Dorval, QC. Isn't Quebec where the company is anyway? I have a feeling that perhaps my order finally arrived at their warehouse, but I'll still have to wait for them to process it before it goes on its merry way over to me.
  10. I ordered a watch from beyond the rack in early January and am experiencing the same problem all of you have. No response from customer service and they keep telling me the item still isn't in their warehouse.

    For those of you who called your credit card companies, what did you say and how painful was it to get the credit charge reversed?

    I told BTR to refund the money immediately as the item still hasn't arrived in their warehouse and that my credit card company is investigating the manner. I really hope I get my money back :sad:
  11. I called my CC and told them I wanted to dispute a charge. I explained the situation including the fact that I sent two separate emails to BTR without a response other than my email had been received. Both times that I emailed BTR I printed a copy of the email for proof. My CC company told me they would put a hold on the charge so that I would not be responsible to pay it or any interest until the matter had been resolved. They said they would send me some papers to fill out and return to them. They were going to make contact with BTR to try to resolve the problem.

    I sent BTR an email letting them know I was going to dispute the charge with my CC company. A few days later BTR responded, not to the email I sent saying I was disputing the charge but to my earlier email. They agreed to refund me. A few days later I saw that my CC had been refunded the full amount so I never filled out the papers from my CC company.

    Good luck! I hope BTR learns a lesson from all of us who are complaining to our CC companies.
  12. It wasn't too painful to go through the CC. I just gave them my order numbers, the amounts, the website address, and explained the situation. They issued me a provisional credit as they look into it. I will definitely be keeping an eye on my CC statement, though.
  13. I ordered on January 23 and received my items on February 11. They were really good with the communication with me on my order. I also placed an order on January 27 and my item is due to arrive February 22. They have been really good at replying to majority of my emails within 2 days. Keeping me updated with my order.

    So hopefully the 2nd order I do indeed receive the correct item I ordered. Other than that my experience with them has been pretty good. But we shall see about my 2nd order.
  14. I just saw an ad for BTR while on a website, and planned to look into it. Not ten minutes later I saw this thread! :shocked: Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences and saving others the same. Although I like to save a buck as much as anyone else, there's no way low prices could entice me to sign up for this kind of headache!
  15. Can a complaint be filed with the Canadian Better Business Bureau?